New Tunes 10.6.2022

Hello music lovers! 🎡🎧 🎡

Summer is here, time for travel, festivals, and #newtunes. There hasn't been a party like this in at least two years.

Well, while you're thinking, here are some fresh clips from the famous and the unknown, maybe there's something for you too.


Musicians are also actively preparing for the summer. Tours have already started in many places. Music4life!

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The Rolling Stones - I Wanna Be Your Man

A very fresh clip (Thursday evening) from the start of the 60th anniversary Tour from Liverpool Anfield Stadium. They played The Beatles' cover of 'I Wanna Be Your Man.' In 1963 The Beatles gave this song to the Stones and it became their second single with the number 12 on the British charts.
The video is pretty shaky, big crowd, and a full stadium, but it just means that the interest in rock dinosaurs is still very much alive.

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Bilderbuch - Ab und Auf

The Austrian band Bilderbuch will open the Rolling Stones concert in Vienna. They have been performing since 2005 and are one of the more successful rock bands on the German scene. Their glazing shows influences from different genres, from indie rock, art pop, and hip hop.
btw: Vienna is closest to me, but I'm still thinking ...

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Epic Reflexes - Living in the Midnight Hour

The five-piece band from New Orleans claims to be part of the new new wave scene, and they are trying to prove it with their second album Ring of Flowers. The generic indie rock sound - a combination of guitar riffs, conventional drum rhythm, and synthesizer compositions - draws us into illusion and teenage confused dreaminess.
This new new-wave genre is defined by a fusion of Britpop, new wave, and post-punk sounds. It has not brought anything new, but merely combines the most popular musical styles of a certain period.

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Ethel Cain - American Teenager

Album Preacher's Daughter on which this song is featured is the debut album by Hayden Silas AnhedΓΆnia aka Ethel Cain. The girl comes from Florida where she was brought up in the strict spirit of the Southern Baptist Church. At the age of twelve, she announced that she is homosexual and at the age of twenty she announced to the public that she is a transgender woman.
We are not about gender here and we don't care because the music is in the foreground, but sometimes it takes an understanding of the context in which someone is creating. No, she is not the new Chelsea Wolfe or Lana Del Rey, although they are being compared, well, maybe their antipode.

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Sahareya - Other Side

Sahareya oz. Sarah Al Saleh is a 22-year-old rapper, singer, dancer, and actress from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her roots come from Syria and Croatia. Hip hop is part of her life, influenced by her older brother DJ SunnySun.
The end product of the sibling connection is the first album 'Improvised Colors', naturally created in the home studio. Her vision is to create performances that incorporate rapping, and dancing and, as much as possible, combine all the skills and passions that she and her brother share.
The girl is ambitious, we will follow how she climbs.

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Tash Sultana - Crop Circles

Tash Sultana has risen from a one-man-band teenage rebel to the heights of music. Of course, she has grown up and matured musically. I look forward to such outstanding recordings as this one.

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S.G. Goodman - - All My Love Is Coming Back To Me

Songwriter and singer from Kentucky, USA, S.G.Goodman with her screaming voice and waving and reverbing guitar riffs make you feel the melancholy in the songs of new, second album 'Teeth Marks'. It is as if it comes from a different time when songs still had a structure, melody, and meaning.

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Galaxian - We Are Power (The Final Assault)

Galaxian or Mark Kastner from Berlin, Germany released the first album in over a decade.
Kastner reflects on the confrontation and power struggle between humanity, nature, spirituality, and the mechanical societies of industrial growth.

'We Are Power' is a corruption of voice, samples chopped, sliced and fed into controllers and sequencers to produce a dense decibel wall.

Music with lightning-fast beats and razor-sharp rhythms.

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Listen loud!

More #newtunes?
ugh... there's mess ... I need to change something ... this year ... maybe 😁
... anyway, if you're courious just check the dates and listen to songs ...

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