New Tunes, 27.1.2021

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A new package of vibrations, echoes and tunes for your ears is here. Don't worry if you don't like something, the taste in music is subjective (anyway), we respect every opinion, decentralized and uncensored 😎:)


But if you have anything left from this post in your memory, I will be happy, because sharing is caring! 😎

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John Butler - Ocean

Songwriter and great guitarist John Butler always surprises me. This is a slightly older recording from his own studio but if I close my eyes I really feel like I’m lying by the ocean. Great performance! :)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club

I respect this famous singer because of her great vocals, so I also purposely looked at her latest creation. The song is dreamy and nostalgic, but I don’t like the video, it’s visually perfect and very rich in color, but it evokes mixed feelings in me. Otherwise, judge for yourself.

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Echo And The Bunnymen - Rescue

I listened to this band very, very much when I was in high school and yesterday I heard this great piece on the radio again after a long time. I immediately spun it on my devices again. This is from their first album (which to me personally is the best) Crocodiles.

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Construction - Revisionist

Construction calls themselves music and other things. Marko Ahtisaari (Fin) and Nadya Peek (Nl) are actually DIY (Do It Yourself) scene, and in music, they are fueled by Berlin techno, classical blues, and art-punk. This song is from their first EP SET from l.2018.

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Television Prove It--Demo

I came across this Television piece more or less by accident (I saw the inscription Brian Eno, which I appreciate highly and he was a producer). I find it interesting that it dropped out of the Double Exposure bootleg and the clip is now only on YT. The sound is completely underground and strongly reminiscent of Velvet Underground, while the melody and singing are at times reminiscent of Stand by me by B.B. King. Interesting and worth listening to.

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Moor Mother & Billy Woods - Furies

The collaboration between an activist/educator and NYC rapper brings us a mystical song that actually creates a meditative mood with free jazz inserts in the background. The album Brass was released in December last year.

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Ekliptica - НСнавиТу Ρ‚Π²ΠΎΡŽ суку

After all these softer sounds, I need something harder, some solid metal sounds. Here, after a long time, finally one fresh and young rock band. Russian. Unencumbered by the current situation just want to play the music they want. That's fine. I think they pretty much listened to Nirvana from the first period when they weren’t known yet. Also in other pieces not only in this.

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Ohtis - Schatze (feat. Stef Chura)

Ohtis is an American alternative country band, inactive for quite some time (2009-2016) due to the heroin addiction of singer Sam Swinson. Critics consider their Curve Of Earth album to be one of the highlights of the alternative country. Well this song here is something completely different, completely in the spirit of our time. Take a few minutes and listen. You will see. :)

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Listen loud!

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