New Tunes 7.5.2022

Hello music lovers! 🎡🎧🎀🎡

Even though it's the weekend, that doesn't mean you can't listen to #newtunes! On the contrary! New music from famous and unknown names can brighten up your day today and tomorrow.


The different genres and the tunes you choose will be in your head for a while, or maybe not. Sure, if you don't like something, feel free to skip it. 😁

Let's go!

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Holly Humberstone - Sleep Tight

Holly Humberstone is one of the rising stars of 2021. She is a major British talent ('BRIT Rising Star Award').
Now she presents the new song "Sleep Tight" which is going up the charts. For pop music lovers.

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Dubioza Kolektiv - Bubrezi

Two and a half years after the release of the excellent album 'Fake news', Dubioza kolektiv, very popular Bosnian band (in all Europe) presents new album - 'Agrikultura'.
As the band is always in the flow of social events, this song was written as a reflection of the overwhelming consumption of social networks in the past two years.
The pandemic has left its mark on the world, and the Internet is often seen as an escape from harsh reality. btw: Bubrezi in English means kidneys...

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Haiku Garden - Levitate

Haiku Garden, a Slovenian band, has been around for six years. They create a genre that is a mixture of shoegaze and neo-psychedelia and ranges from dream to noise pop.
With their unique fusion, they have placed themselves among the leading alternative bands in the region. These days, they have released the first single from their new album, where they are looking for a balance between guitar, clean vocals, bass, nervous riffs, and a sharp drumbeat.

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Aazar - The Carnival

AAZAR is one of the newest leaders of the French electronic scene and the owner of the international hit "Diva" with Swae Lee and Tove Lo, which has achieved as many as 42 million streams worldwide! Thus, he became one of the new voices of the currently most modern electro-urban sphere.
AZAAR won the NRJ DJ Music award in France in the category of 'The Greatest Music Discovery'.

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Grace Cummings - Heaven

Australian Grace Cummings, who made her debut in 2019 with 'Refuge Cove', has just released her second studio album, 'Storm Queen'.
She has a very distinctive, raspy vocal, hoarse at times, which is quite exceptional in this kind of dreamy-unworldly landscape. At times the singing seems not to be perfectly accurate, but this creates a perfect harmonic structure.
It's as in 2022 we are seeing a modern Patti Smith, who in her early days dared to go beyond the music of the time and the position of a woman. In fact, both share a musical expression that combines vulnerability and roughness at the same time, as well as a strong vocal and lyrical expression.

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DubDiggerz - Astro

The DubDiggerz duo are Slovenian messengers of the deeper and darker members of dubstep, which is roughly characterized by an artificially fat bassline backed by minimal percussive elements at a tempo of around 140 beats per minute.
Further, their own style is embodied in deep rolling bangers spiced with violin flashes and murky vocal interjections. A must for fans of this genre!

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NilΓΌfer Yanya - L/R

Following her studio debut 'Miss Universe', English indie artist NilΓΌfer Yanya releases 'Painless' three years later. The artist's music is based on minimalism, and her songs present a diverse and chaotic view of her life, marked by casual drug use, mental health problems, and naive romances.
It offers a fairly wide range of pop and rock, performed with quiet, intimate performances that make it sound very personal. It achieves a lot with nothing more than a loosely played electric guitar, a crunchy breakbeat, and the sound of a synthesizer.

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Rammstein - Angst

The eighth studio album of famous Berlin metallers exactly three years after the untitled predecessor, the 2019 album that landed right at the top of 14 international charts - including entering the US Top 10.
Praised at the beginning for the balance between the beauty that grows with each new listening and the industrial energy, Rammstein's new songs do not cease to attract attention. Another single.

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Listen loud!

More #newtunes?
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... anyway, if you're courious just check the dates and listen to songs ...

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25.12.2019, 15.12.2019, 30.11.2019

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