New Tunes 2.12.2020

Hello music lovers! πŸ“» 🎧 🎀 🎢 🎼 πŸ“’

Winter is coming here too. A snowstorm is spreading, supposedly it will last until tomorrow, about 20 cm of snow has fallen.
I, on the other hand, sit in a safe and warm place, surrounded by the music I listened to last week.


That’s enough for me right now, but if you like anything else from my selection, it will be even better.

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The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself

The English post-punk band, more appreciated by critics than audiences, was compared to Psychedelic Furs and Echo and Bunnymen in the 1980s. The contents of their songs are even more gloomy and depressing than those mentioned. Yes, the problem with demons is when you have them in your head, like their singer who suffered from schizophrenia and later committed suicide.

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LindstrΓΈm & Prins Thomas - Martin 5000

New recording of Norwegian DJ duo, full of modern electronic sounds with classical rhythm and you can quick float away into undiscovered spaces and vibes. Very pleasant.

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Matt Berninger - I'm Waiting for the Man

Matt Berninger is most recognizable as the singer of the band The National. His latest creation is an adaptation of The Velvet Underground's classic I'm Waiting for the Man. I read the news and was curious so I check the song. Well, it's not bad. Matt has a specific, baritone voice so this cover was a surprise.

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Sakuran Zensen - TAXI MAN

These young Japanese punks, Sakuran Zensen, have made punk rock great again. No deeper explanation needed. Just watch and listen.

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Arab Strap - Compersion Pt.1 (Censored Version)

This Scottish electro-acoustic duo has developed into an indie band in a decade of their career, with its minimalist harmonic music and direct lyrics never leaves the audience cold. The video is an intro for the new album which will be released in March 2021.

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The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

I go back in time and to the automotive Gran Turismo. You just have to love Nina Persson when she goes so resolutely against everyone and destroys everything in front of and behind her. This song is, of course, not new to me, I've been following The Cardigans since the beginning of their career. After a while, I heard this piece on the radio again and I put it here. Nostalgia? Maybe.

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AC/DC - Realize

A new album of old masters is out. The best thing here is that sounds exactly the same as other AC/DC music. And that simply means solid, classic rock without compromise.

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Anna von Hausswolff - Come wander with me/Deliverance

Gothic and post-metal tunes together with Anna's strong and clear voice, which is compared with Nico, Kate Bush, and even Diamanda Gallas are spiced with a pipe organ and in many songs create an epic and eternal atmosphere.

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Listen loud!

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