New Tunes, 1.6.2020

Hello music lovers!


Today I have for you some various musical stories that I've been listening to for the last week.
Life here is returning to normal, in fact, I would say in a new reality where social contacts and distances are limited, you have to always have a mask with you and use it if the situation requires it.

The only thing I miss is live music, that genuine contact with the artists. Before the #covid19 pandemic I was actively recording live music events (watch my DTube channel if you're interested), but now it's not possible indoors yet, there is a limit of up to 50 visitors outside ...
There is a lot of online music, I won't say too much, I find something new and interesting every week with ease. Maybe my criteria have become looser? I wouldn't say.
If you choose something for yourself that is cool for me 😎 🎸 🎧 🎤 🎶 🎼 .

Underworld - Crocodile (Alligator)

This tune is for electronic music lovers, for me it share spiritual energy which vibrate and ispirate good mood.
I think it's underrated and deserves more listening.

Bölzer - Entranced By The Wolfshook

This pure metal/death/dark metal band from Switzerland sets new standards in the genre. The guitar with its long riff dominates from the beginning to the last minute, in the background nervous and fast percussion, old school, and at the same time the future of metal I would say.

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird - Freedom Is A Verb

Somewhere I was just reading something about the current riots in the USA (to create a realistic picture if possible at all...), listening to music on YT and it came to me as a suggestion and, as the matter coincided, one such message which everyone should pay attention to ... not just music lovers :)

Francesco Tristano & Carl Craig - The Melody

And I discovered something old, wow, music at its best, Francesco Tristano, classical and experimental pianist and Carl Craig, outstanding icon or living legend in the worlds of house techno elite. Awesome mix of two musical worlds, a proof that music is only one, as a name of piece, The Melody. Worth to listen.

Sex Swing - Garden of Eden/2000 AD

It’s actually a very young band, from London, whose musical expression embodies the notion of rough, rhythmic music, at moments of dark hypnotic decadent repetition as we know it in the early Velvets and maybe Morphine...because of the saxophone, of course.

The Ten Commandments (1923)

And for the end, a presentation (or intro) of a new soundtrack for Cecil B De Mille's 1923 TEN COMMANDMENT classic. There is a cooperation of creative musicians - Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Steven Drozd (Flaming lips) and Scott Amendola.

Listen loud!

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