New Tunes 10.4.2020

Hello music lovers!


This self-isolation is still going on and I'm afraid everything will be prolonged. There is a lot of time to listen to music. In fact, there is always time for listening, I don't need to be isolated :)
What I've been listening to a bit more in recent days?

Teodore - We Are You

We Are You is the debut of the newly formed band Teodore. The poem speaks to the mental health and internal struggles of a person with depression who struggles with the thought of suicide. It happens in these self-isolating times.

Witch - Seer

Black Sabbath meet Stoned Jesus. Stoner rock with blues riffs and psychedelic inserts. Yeah, you can repeat the moment.

Colour Haze - Aquamaria

Psychedelic stoner rock from Germany. Answer to Kyuss maybe. Anyway, melodic guitars and smooth sound picture. I like this sounds.

Los Bitchos - The Link Is About To Die

This sounds really retro and nostalgic. Just laid back and enjoy the tune.

The Distillers - Drain The Blood

The new pop-punks coming, I heard the Nirvana in the background...well, maybe not such powerful....but the vocal is hot.

Starcrawler - Bet My Brains

Rock'nroll for sure. Haha, someone said when Iggy Pop and Courtney Love has a love child that's adopted by Marilyn Manson...seriously, the girl has great voice and she's a good actor or frontman whatever you like.

and the last one for today

Be Svendsen - NABIA

Great beats, groove, amazing journey into sound and melodies. Smooth, melodic, inspiring, deep house masterpiece. It has only one mistake - it lasts only 8 minutes..

Listen loud!

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