New Tunes 17.10.2020

Hello music addicts! πŸ“» 🎧 🎀 🎢 🎼 πŸ“’

Strange times, it seems to me. We’ve all kind of isolated ourselves ... the wife is watching TV, the kids are playing Fortnite and LoL, I’m in my studio and I’m summing up the music I listened to this week to make a note to post on the chain. Supposedly it will stay forever :)


Because I am a supporter of diversity and follow different music genres, this post is like that. If you like something from the selection it will be fine. If you don't like it, calmly jump somewhere else.

πŸ“» 🎧 🎀 🎢 🎼 πŸ“’

Greg Lake - From The Beginning

The late Gregory Stuart Lake is an excellent musician, best known for his collaborations with ELP and King Crimson. This wonderful timeless ballad seems to me to be a kind of symbol of hope for better times.

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Fkj & Tom Misch - Losing My Way

This song is quite popular on YT judging by the number of views. However, don’t be fooled, it’s not some pale pop, both performers are great musicians. It’s similar in style to Jamiroquai’s, but it’s different.

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Brant Bjork - Take Me Away

Brant Bjork is an American musician and producer, has worked with Kyus, and has quite a few of his own solo projects. In all of them, however, this stoner rock prevails, which he will not give up.

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EinstΓΌrzende Neubauten - The Garden

Experimental, progressive, electronic, country and orchestral sounds in one package. Of course, if you know that behind all this, is Blixa Bargeld, and the main (and only) character in the video is him than everything is clear to you :)

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Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy "OD'd in Denver (feat. Matt Sweeney)"

I didn't know these musicians at all until now, I will definitely follow them in the future. One such hypnotic mourning will not change my life, but I will remember it.

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Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Martin 5000

This Norwegian collaboration of two producers gives very fresh, interesting, and rhythmic sounds. This style is called (by them) a "space disco" and is basically a mix of electro beats, fusion, and krautrock.

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Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone

And that's DIVA. Legend. Talent. I have nothing more to say.

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Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

English musician and producer of electronic music, known also as Imogen Heap keyboard, and cooperation with Brian Eno. This piece of music just forces you to move ...
btw: I listened to this piece when I tasted beers :)

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Listen loud!

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