New tunes, 12.3.2020

Hello music lovers!


The last #newtunes post was 2/25/2020. Pretty good music (from my point of view, of course). Well now I'm looking for new music to me and of course I'm following #covid19. As an example, in my home country, we counted ourselves and began to act too late. It will cost us once more lives than it would take. Only no physical social interactions is the solutution to slow down and win this pandemic.

Queens Of The Stone Age - I Sat by the Ocean

Amazing vocal and guitar in this acoustic version of the QOTSA popular song. Nothing more to say here.

Protomartyr - Come and See

Protomartyr from Detroit follows a clear postrock line with great guitars and vocals, ispired by Pere Ubu and The Fall.

All Strings Detached - Superwoman

Slovenian duo, very nice guitars and clear vocal...yeah, about women's life of course (8th of March few days ago...)

Orville Peck - Turn To Hate

The SubPop is not known as a country music label, but this guy is more country style than some much better known names.

Slint - Breadcrumb Trail

Slint was an american rock band, with an original style, mostly experimental rock and noise, unfortunately they released two albums, only.

Listen loud!

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