New tunes, 25.2.2020


Hello sound consumers!

I browse online music clouds daily to find tunes that appeal to my soul. There are more and more sounds, but not so many tunes. The ones I like, of course. And when I find them, I post them under #newtunes.
Yes, this is also my first post in the Music community.

Girls Against Boys - She's Lost Control

An interesting cover of Joy Division song, a completely different approach and a different energy to some personal traumas.

King Dude – Silver Crucifix

Acoustic folk-rock, darkly colored, from Seattle, looks like he is find himself in a space and time, of course, yeah, he's king isn't he?

A Perfect Circle - Vanishing

I'm sorry for this band, I think it was underrated, the members participated more successfully in other bands (Tool, QOTSA, NiN, Primus, Puscifer, Smashing Pumpkins)...

Moses Boyd Exodus

London drummer, composer, producer Moses Boyd in his best. Everything feels acutely considered, from the makeup of instruments, to who’s playing them, to how the sounds are treated once recorded. Here, it all matters.

King Krule - Cellular

Another king, with new, fresh release from this year, very sweet tunes and hypnotic visuals. The guy is better when times go by.

Arca - @@@@@

Arca, a Venezuelan artist explain this tunes as a 60 minute single, an experimental mixtape where surpassed the limitations of song structure and creating compositions note by note deviant of chord progressions.

Stay tuned and listen loud!

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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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