New Tunes 31.3.2020

Hello music addicts!


I have a bunch of time in this crazy self-isolating situation due to the #covid19. So, I'm listening a lot. My new selection of sounds for the last five days.

King Crimson - Discipline

Yeah, we need the self-discipline to stay at home...infact, I tried to find original from disc, not live version but seems that disappeared from YT..ok, this live version is also great...

Nine Inch Nails - Together

NiN piece from the new album...someone says that it's a soundtrack for global quarantine. A very emotional piano, it goes quickly into your ears. The complete album is for free download from their site.

The Flying Lizards - Money

It's pretty bizarre video, maybe with reason? But you can hear the mixture of synth pop and glam rock in its best.

Alcest - Sapphire (Perturbator Version)

Alcest is a French band or project, mix various styles like black metal and shoegaze...and the result is blackgaze, making it even more listenable than the stand-alone styles mentioned.

Paco de Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas

Absolutely masterpiece much needed in these times. Fantastic guitars and nostalgic hope to run the previous times again. We need more Paco!

Harrison BDP - Time

Fresh and modern sounds, deep house or synth electronic...anyway, corona chill out instead of listening how many people died...

Listen loud!

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Stay at home and healthy!

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