New Tunes 18.4.2020

Hello music lovers!


I don't know if you're still in self-isolation and avoiding any social contacts but I am. The only happiness in this shit is that there is a lot of music and I have time for it. I listened to this the most in the last week. I can still find new music for me and that's what keeps me up.

The Cosmic Dead ▲ The White Rabbit

Ugh. This, however, is rooted in the psychedelics of the 1960s. It's like listening to old primal Pink Floyds. Tunes of this Scottish band sounds as they were created in another universe. I immediately bought the album in Bandcamp.

The Dodos ▲ Chickens

Chickens or guitars? Guitars, od course. The smooth and clean guitar really surprised me with this piece.

Kutiman ▲ White Monkey

I'm following Kutiman for years, but this piece is new to me. Excellent musician and awesome composer. This pulping beat perfectly fits in Tarantino's movies.

White Hidden Fire ▲ Weird Owl

Slow, easy, melodic stoner. Very Neil Youngish. Not sure why they have Floyd prism in the picture...

Pretenders ▲ Don't Get Me Wrong

Chrissie Hynde at the start of her career. I'm posting it because it's the original video for the song. The eighties. A funny video from distance of more than 30 years.

Jessie Reyez ▲ Before Love Came To Kill Us

Fresh, very talented vocal for me. It'll be a hit if it's not already. Classic.

Leon Vynehall ▲ Blush

He is a producer and DJ. This deep house sounds very fresh and will engage you to move and dance.

Listen loud!

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