New tunes 15.12.2019


I'm listening music a lot. This is the second post in a series. First one is here. When I find the new music to me, I'm posting it, under the tag #newtunes. (If I think it's worth to share, of course.)

The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse (Full Album)

This album makes everything seem epic. Every song is theme for daily situations. Washing dishes? No, just slaying dragons in an old kung fu movie. And more.

Stevie Wonder & Sting - Higher Ground and Roxanne (Live)

Stevie Wonder sings background vocal for Roxane. Not much to say, just awesome!

Floating Points - Silhouettes I, II and III

Jazzy beat, a piece of Mahavishnu Orchestra in your room...or car. Taken from the debut album Elaenia.

Royal Street Orchestra feat. Bozo Vreco - Crne Oci

Classic, tragic love song in a manner of traditional Bosnian sevdah music with an awesome vocalist.

Listen loud!


Enjoy the rest of the day!

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