New Tunes 26.4.2020

Hello music lovers!


The new package of heard sounds is out. Probably, like others, I have a lot of time these days, to consume and enjoy the music. Various music. But I'll go deeper now ... ugh... trying to find something, hmm ... how do I explain that I'm looking for sounds and tunes that not only connect us but also raises us to a higher level of awareness of the time and space we live in?
With tunes? Yes, I think that's the right answer.

Nigel Stanford - AUTOMATICA - Robots Vs. Music

If you think in the terms of the machine learning, AI and new developments in human substitutes. And synthesis of robots and music. Powerful.

Blut Aus Nord - Haallucinählia

Blut Aus Nord is an artistic concept. They don't belong to a specific category of people to exist. Black metal? Maybe,

And now something completely different. It has been around for a while, especially in these current times of globalization, when we are all together and self-isolation, as we distance ourselves from one another, how successfully traditionalism blends in from different cultural backgrounds with modern, especially electronic music into stunning hypnotic tunes .

A Tribe Called Red - Electric Pow Wow Drum

This tribe makes you want get up and start dancing, going with the beat and sends mind to the sky! Power of native Americans is still here.

Acid Arab - Gul l’Abi

The new emergence of diverse cultures and comprehensions influenced by the Middle East tradition, where feminine rolls into cosmic hookah lounge, mysterious and ethereal as fragrant smoke and a stunning end. Interesting audio and visual experience.

Heilung - Norupo

Medieval, maybe pagan rituals from northern Europe in combination of eclectic rhytm. Is it time to go back to the woods? Or just an answer to millions of new arrivals to old Europe?

And for the end, something really fresh. Back to the bones could say. A new single and great tune of old farts, they move around wondering what's going on.

Rolling Stones - Living In A Ghost Town

Listen loud!

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