New Tunes 8.4.2022

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It's Friday again and the #newtunes selection is ready for all music geeks. If you still have no idea what to listen to over the weekend, here's a fresh selection from a variety of music genres, from artists both known and unknown.


Take a few minutes of your precious time because music heals. And if you don't like something, skip it! 😁

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Pink Floyd - Hey Hey Rise Up!

After 30 years (more or less), Pink Floyd reunited in a charity single for raising money for Ukrainians. The song features vocals by Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the Ukrainian band, Boombox. He sang the Ukrainian folk song.
As an initiative to help and end the war, it is certainly welcome. Maybe some other bands will follow them too?

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The Smile - Pana-vision

The Smile, the project of two Radiohead members (Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood), has released it's fourth single and, according to music critics, their forthcoming album is the most anticipated release of the year. Incidentally, 'Pana-vision', which is based on a hypnotic piano melody, premiered in the last episode of the sixth season of the popular British TV series Peaky Blinders.

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Clutch - Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)

The American rock band Clutch is on a European tour, opening with the new single 'Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)'. Fast guitar music with punchy rhythms, pure rock, with lyrics that refer to the covid vaccine and the worlds of sci-fi writer Philip K.Dick. I recommend it, of course.

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Soul Glo - Thumbsucker

Soul Glo is a band that has been avoiding a true genre definition since 2014, because, as they say, themselves, the time for such limitations should be over by now. At the same time, listening to it, one can always wonder whether the vocalist is rapping or screaming, or both at the same time. On the other hand, sometimes we can get completely lost in the chaos of thrash metal, wrapped in groove-oriented rhythms. The sound experiments and combinations don't end here, but we can already see what the band is trying to achieve. Their music can be felt in two ways, either in a purely primal way, where it's all about releasing energy or in a more, let's say, intellectual way, where we focus on the content itself.

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Assassun, a new name for me, is just the latest project of German musician and artist Alexander Leonard Donat, who has been releasing music since 2007 with various bands and under various pseudonyms. The drum machine beats are somewhere between industrial and krautrock, creating a cold and edgy framework for the songs. The darkwave melodies of synth post-punk, composed in a raw chord sequence, resemble a kind of panicked delirium with no sense of time.

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With each release, Trupa Trupa reflects the socio-political climate of Poland, where they come from. Their music cuts between psychedelic consonance and noise dissonance, which is why we can see them as post-punk cousins of Sonic Youth or as Swans in a pocket edition.

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B.Rupp - Dreams About Heroin

Benjamin Rupp or B.Rupp is a newer English artist who has been working in the electronic music genre for the last three years. This is his fourth release under the Opal Tapes label, which promotes mainly electronic experimental music. The music is highly percussive and hectically distorted, with formally complex EBM rhythms driving the sounds. Drones bounce between the sounds and provide the basis for Rupp's voice, which is otherwise hardly recognizable (deformed and synthesized) from the saturation of the sound spectrum.

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Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata Nightmare

Well, that's a mashup. Composer and pianist Lionel Yu, aka MusicalBasics shocked the audience in Kennedy Center, Washington DC with a dub-step version of the famous Beethoven song. This is a radio-edit version, it's better quality than live recording, so I choose this. Very nice if you ask me.

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Listen loud!

More #newtunes?
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