New Tunes, 1.10.2021

Hello music lovers! 🎡 🎧🎀🎡

If you are reading this, you must love music. Believe it or not, there is a lot of new music out there. Major labels and streaming services, indie, independent, and DIY production are literally cranking out new and new sounds into the online space. There's so much of it that I can hardly choose what to listen to. I think it's impossible to keep track of everything.


Almost every week I post new and interesting music to me from all winds under #newtunes.
This week is the same. If you're hungry for sounds and if you have five minutes you can take a quick flick through. Maybe you'll find something for yourself. Maybe not and you can skip.

But, be careful, you know, the Internet, and the blockchain is a strange animal, they say ...


🎡🎧 🎀

Neil Young - Cowgirl In The Sand

This is from Neil Young Official Bootleg Series, recorded in Carnegie Hall on December 4, 1970. The first expected release is, you won't believe, today, 1.10.2021. In this solo performance, Neil Young plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, and piano. Great sound and mood. Check out!

🎡🎧 🎀

SOJA – This Heart of Mine

Washington D.C.-based reggae band SOJA started to stream the new album β€˜Beauty In The Silence’. It's a pre-covid recorded but released a week ago. 'This Heart Of Mine' is a classic reggae vibe, with outstanding lyrics and vocals. Worth a listen for fans.

🎡🎧 🎀

Andy Hall - A Universe Within

Andy Hall, this year nominated for Resophonic Guitar Player of the Year at the 2021 International Bluegrass Music Association Awards. In the latest release, he goes away from his bluegrass-style into Ambient and New Age music. You know what they say - a good guitarist plays exceptionally all the styles he tackles. It's the same with Andy. Perfection of an acoustic guitar that soothes and inspires at the same time.

🎡🎧 🎀

Mac McCaughan - Burn a Fax

Mac McCaughan is back, say enthusiastic fans. I didn’t know him before, except as a leading Superchunk member decades ago. This is from his new solo album β€˜The Sound Of Yourself’ recorded during a pandemic. Interesting approach with some great saxophone and brass inputs in the second half of the track.

🎡🎧 🎀

Andrew Bird, Lucius - Venus In Furs

This is from the new tribute album I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground & Nico. Andrew Bird, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer arranged this legendary song in its own manner. The musical interludes of guitars and violin conjure up a hypnotic and sad atmosphere almost as much as the original composition. I would recommend not only this song but the whole tribute album.

🎡🎧 🎀

Pastor T.L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir - Lord's Prayer

You may agree with me or not, but this pastor with his church youth choir is an excellent example of the gospel, soul, and musical arrangement in song. Listen and you will hear.

Limp Bizkit - Dad Vibes

This is the first new song in 10 years, they say. Apparently, the singer (who has completely changed his image) is seriously into fatherhood at the moment and this track is in a way his view on all this. Of course, it's sharp, rappy and still keeps them afloat.

🎡🎧 🎀

Elton John, Stevie Wonder - Finish Line

The cooperation between two giants who are very happy with each other has produced a very good result, say, insiders. The first product is already streaming on YT and I think it's good too. Check it out!

🎡🎧 🎀

Listen loud!

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