New Tunes, 11.2.2021

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This week I only listened to new songs, for a change. So, here are really #newtunes. 😎


In fact, old and new groups with new songs, that is, those that were created during this period of covid crisis. Did that affect the creation of music? Probably, but it doesn't sound like much :) 😎

If you like something it’s cool.

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Alice Cooper - Social Debris

This song is the prelude to old fart Alice Cooper’s new album, which will be released in late February. But don't get me wrong, at this age and with this production it sounds very solid :)

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Serj Tankian - Elasticity

Serj Tankian's new single, of course, fast and loud rock music. According to rumors he will go its own way, which means that System of a Dawn is a story of the past ...

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Greta Van Fleet - Age of Machine

When I listen to and watch this American hard rock band, I immediately remember Led Zeppelin and compare them to them. Of course, they have their own original compositions, but the influence of Zeppelin is obvious. Which is nothing wrong, even good. Well, this is a new single, the announcement of a new album in April.

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The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went

Another example of uncompromising, classic hard rock with sharp guitars and fast tempo from New York. This is a new single for the album Death by Rock and Roll coming out these days.

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Roza - Novi Noj

The Serbian trio Roza from Belgrade sarcastically portrayed the new normality in the movie for this song. The main actor is robot Srečko (Engl. Lucky) who made a party for his friends - household appliances, while his bosses were in self-isolation. Indie pop depression with a touch of electronics.

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Royal Blood - Typhoons

The duo, who we remember in the past in the style of garage rock, in this new single deviates from the original style, the sound is no longer so sharp but more polished, clear and controlled with the addition of electronics. We'll see where they go.

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Django Django - Free From Gravity

I follow this art-rock group from London for more than 10 years. Their first album from 2012, was a great surprise for me, new psychedelia, I listened to it very often and when I saw the new single a few days ago I immediately take a look. Well, it's ok, but that innocence and nostalgia like on the first album are gone ...

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Balthazar - On A Roll

Belgian band Balthazar continues with a light indie-pop sound with which they present the latest album coming out at the end of this month. One such catchy loop story with a hint of Europe.

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Listen loud!

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