New Tunes, 24.12.2020

Hello music lovers! πŸ“» 🎧 🎀 🎢 🎼 πŸ“’

Time is running fast, we are just before Christmas. Do I need any Christmas tune? Not really, for me, all the tunes are Christmas tunes. 😎


It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the music unfolds its way forward, and as long as we can choose and listen to what suits us it’s just good. The music below has marked me the last two weeks, and if you like anything too will be fine.

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To me, Justin is one of the best living guitarists on Earth. A virtuoso who raised blues and southern rock sound to one higher level. In every song I hear, this is confirmed to me.

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Wipers - When It's Over

Old punkers, grunge music starters, and influencers (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Melvins, Dinosaur Jr., etc..) with his biggest hit. Remastered. I admit I didn’t know them, but I’m happy to listen to them now.

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Kid Cudi - The Pale Moonlight

I don't listen to rap often. But at times I find something here that resonates in my ears for a while. The album is called "rappers cosmic album". I still really liked this piece.

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Dehd - Month

This indie band from Chicago, USA, surprised me with a sound flirting with the 1980s and 1990s. Also with shoegaze and postpunk. But some videos are just absurd. Here's not the case.

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GavilΓ‘n Rayna Russom - Kemmer

Rayna Russom, an American electronic music producer, musician, DJ, and performance artist, best known as the lead synth for the band LCD Soundsystem, creates a very interesting sound environment, sometimes even reminding me of P.J.Harvey and her solo trips into psychedelic waters. Worth listening to these few minutes.

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Chubby and the Gang - Speed Kills

The one-year-old punk rock band of the British new wave of HC is returning to the roots of rock'n'roll. It will be interesting to hear and follow where the path will take them.

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Dragon And Kite - Hey Creativity

Fresh and new music and new duo on stage. 4th single. A pleasant and positive indie pop song from people who love music.

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King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Automation

I think I'm a fan of this band. And they surprise me over and over again. On this last CD, above all, this easy change of playing styles is amazing. Only true masters can afford it. The fifth album this year.
They are doing well. By the way, I indulged in this album as a Christmas present.

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Listen loud!

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More tunes?

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