New Tunes, 29.4.2021

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Is it spring already in your area? It's been grey and rainy here for a few days now, which I've been fighting by intensively consuming music products from all sides of this planet. Sigh :)


Some old and some brand new and fresh tunes that marked my last week and are still echoing in my head. If you like something it's good, if you don't like it it's fine, too.

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BΓ©la Fleck & The Flecktones - First Concert EVER

First, some very old, jazzy, and bluegrass style music by top musicians. I must admit, this is the first time I have watched this video, it is a bit low quality, but the musical acrobatics are superb (from 1989). Apparently their first concert. I highly recommend following Bela Fleck and all his later variations.

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Alan Vega - Muscles

This song is part of Alan Vega's new, actually old, album Mutator, which was released posthumously this year, recently. Alan died in 2016 and recorded this song and others on the album between 1995 and 1996 with his colleague Liz Lamere. Liz later said that they never intended to release this as an album, but just to explore the sounds (my comment: never say never in the media...). This song, like all of his from that period, is cold, dirty, resonant, and unsettling.

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Haruomi Hosono - Body Snatchers

Haruki Hosono, one of the founding members of the legendary disco/electronic/pop Yellow Magic Orchestra, in a completely different light. He has released a new album on his own, a very fresh and modern sound, but when I heard this song I immediately picked it up. This is where we can see that he is a top guitarist and singer. And of course, nostalgia for the old America, which doesn't seem to exist anymore ...

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Big Paul Ferguson - Extrapolate

Paul, best known as the drummer of Killing Joke, introduces the new album Virtual Control, which will be released in June this year. Despite all the solo career and collaborations with other rock bands, there is a touch of Killing Joke sound and style here too...

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Half Waif - Swimmer

This American artist (Half Wait aka Nandi Rose Plunkett) with her voice in this piece at first moment remembers me to Kate Bush and her style of singing. This is, of course, just my subjective association. This singer certainly has great potential, but the truth is that she is not (yet) backed by a strong media machine that would bring her higher into the orbit of the music scene.

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Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - Perennial Bloom

This is one upbeat country song that promises better times on the horizon in these times of pandemic. The music is pleasant, well-produced, it is quite possible that it will be a hit, but for the rest, we will see.

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Deftones – Ceremony

Video for a song from the latest Ohms album. Quite mysterious all in all. More for the fans, they say. The music is of course at the level expected from the Deftones.

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The Flaming Lips - Lay Lady Lay

That's a Flaming Lips cover of Dylan's famous 1969 song, part of the Dylan Revisited compilation for Uncut, in celebration of Dylan's 80th birthday on 24 of May. Nostalgic and slightly psychedelic, but still Dylan's.

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Listen loud!

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