New Tunes, 29.10.2021

Hello music lovers! 🎡 🎧 🎀🎡

I can say that I am on a kind of holiday or a break. I'm at 1500 m altitude, in a log cabin with High-Speed Internet, and I've been walking outside all day in the high mountain sun, looking out over the foggy valley.

And now I'm listening to music on a USB stick, on some kind of high-tech multifunction Panasonic device, the sound is great, the #newtunes I've chosen to post are echoing in my head and I feel a bit tired but great!


I have to share the view I have from the house where we are staying. Really unique.


Again I have chosen a mix of new sounds from all winds, if you like them that's ok, if you don't feel free to skip them.

🎡🎧 🎀

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Vortex ()

Nick Cave probably needs no introduction (in the music community, of course). This song is on the newly released album 'B-Sides & Rarities Part II', where he reworks, as the title suggests, B-sides and songs that are not on any released album. Recommended.

🎡🎧 🎀

Circuit des Yeux - Vanishing

This song is an intro to the new, sixth album '-io' of the Chicago experimental group led by songwriter and singer Haley Fohr. She uses various arrangements, powered by strings, horns, and more other instruments.

🎡🎧 🎀

The War On Drugs - I Don't Wanna Wait

This is a brand new piece. Released today on all streaming services. It's from the album 'I don't live here' and is a typical progression of their rock-dreamy-romantic sound.

🎡🎧 🎀

Lily Konigsberg - Proud Home

Lily, a New York musician (new to me), a member of deconstructionists, indie rock band Palberta, and half of the weird pop duo Lily & Horn Horse.
She has a solo career, also, with minimalist indie sounds and slippery lyrical sensibility. This tune is from her newest album 'Lily We Need to Talk Now'. For youngsters, of course.

🎡🎧 🎀

Theon Cross - Forward Progression II

He is the most known British tuba player and composer, I think. His tube is in many tracks all around. Pitchfork says about his new album 'On Intra-I':

Cross pivots into multilayered arrangements of processed tuba and electronics that explore subjects like the legacy of the first-generation Caribbean diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Very cool if you ask me.

🎡🎧 🎀

The Bambi Molesters - As the Dark Wave Swells

The Bambi Molesters from Zagreb, Croatia with their unique combination of surf, rock, and psychedelia has the status of a unique and inimitable band. I've seen them live quite a few times and every time it's been exceptional. This is actually an older song from 2009, but they have now re-released it on vinyl. You can get the vinyl reissue of "As the Dark Wave Swells" on clear turquoise LP with marble effect from today. For fans, of course.

🎡🎧 🎀

Parquet Courts - Sympathy for Life

Parquet Courts, a fantastic New York rock quartet, released the long-awaited record β€˜Sympathy For Life’ last Friday. The music displays them in the most instinctive and electronic form. They turn their enchanting, psychedelic storytelling into fresh territory, but retain a unique identity. Nice.

🎡🎧 🎀

Berk Icli - Blossoms

Berk Icli is a Turkish native of New York who has been producing and playing piano for many years and perfected his piano skills at New York's Manner Conservatory, where he studied jazz and classical composition. The album 'Glimpses of an Eternal Bloom' is his debut album, in which he expresses the particularity and essence of a personal space, which has led him to strive for the purest and most precise, refined sound that also carries emotion. A new author for me and, from what I have heard, a virtuoso for sure. I highly recommend it.

🎡🎧 🎀

Listen loud!

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