Manipulation with numbers and data

Ending the disastrous 2020 allow us to compare official numbers with with frenzied propaganda. At last, we don’t have to guess what the death rate from the ‘deadly’ virus really is…

Thank God, as times go by, the coronavirus hoax is becoming obvious to ever larger number of people who are ready to do something about it. Here is a poster from Croatia calling for a popular protest against the political-media dictatorship, for the overthrow of the current government and ‘health’ measures:

Protest u Hrvatskoj2.jpg

People there are not stupid not to see the obvious manipulation aimed at stripping them of all elementary freedoms and human rights. Look at this, for example: Deutche Welle reports from the meeting of German and Turkish foreign ministers with two different photos. For the German public they wear masks, for Turkish public they do not wear masks:


Spectacular, isn’t it? Simple truths are in front of your eyes from the very beginning. But they are also hidden in real numbers that the corporate media do not show you in any way, while trying in every way to divert you from them through intimidation. For example, when the plandemic panic was to spread, then the ten deaths in Italian nursing homes sounded like an announcement of the end of the world! When it happens in Norway (with an 11 times smaller population than Italy), where after vaccination of 25,000 people in a very short time we have 23 deaths, mostly in gerontology homes, we get reassuring messages that this is nothing unusual – and only then we get the right statistics:

Camilla StoltenbergCalifornia officials call to ban batch of Moderna jab over number of adverse events.mp4_snapshot_01.23.610.jpg

So, by simply scaling the numbers, we come to the conclusion that the number of about 500 deaths a day inside the gerontology homes homes in Italy is a completely normal thing. Maybe even more, because Italy has the oldest population in the European Union. But the media did not present it to us as normal as they spread hysteria about the virus.

The 'terrible' year of 2020 ended with about 1,800,000 people allegedly dying from the virus worldwide. Specifically, the number of deaths as of December 31, 2021 was 1,826,917.


We will even ignore the fact that these numbers are terribly manipulated as described by the judge and member of the Croatian Parliament Mislav Kolakušić, and we will assume that the number is correct. Well, then let’s deal with the official statistics. The currently estimated size of the world’s population is just over 7.84 billion people. So, we’ll round the number to an estimated 7.84 billion by January 1st, 2021:

7.840.000.000 / 1.826.917 = 4291,38
One out of 4291 persons or 0,0233%

Let that sink in…

Yes, you read that right: This ‘deadly’ disease kills only one in 4290 people. It is true that the virus has not yet been isolated by anyone and that it cannot yet be proven that any of those 1,826,917 people are really the victims of that virus and not something else, but even if we take it as it is from those fraudsters, the death rate is criminally low to justify introduction of a cruel measures of deprivation of liberty, measures of destruction of the economy, and practically, elimination of truly sick people who have been denied the necessary medical assistance due to the corona theater.

If the state really cared about the health of the population, it would close tobacco factories, because more than seven million people die annually from the consequences of smoking:


Statistical reasons are not the only ones that break the sinister vaccination scam. This can also be seen through the ‘control population’ of asylum seekers entering the European Union and the UK living in appalling circumstances:

Duration: 5:33

If the virus was so deadly, they would be the first to die en masse. However, nothing is happening amongst their population. The estimated number of asylum seekers in Serbia is somewhere between 50,000 and 80,000. And lo and behold, the Serbian Minister of the Interior, Vulin, concludes: “It is a real miracle that there is not a single case of Covid among them!’ A miracle, indeed!

The goal of the ‘health measures’ was never to protect the health of the population, but quite the opposite: it’s the elimination of the weakest with a little help from vaccines, as shown by the case from the home for the elderly in Sabac. This is the reason why even the mention of free choice regarding vaccination in the media is treated as a crime, anyone who dares to mention truth be told, he is being dragged through the media mud, and vaccination is currently being pushed in the form of blackmail, with the threat of coercion:

This is NOT a vaccine! (Duration: 6:16)

Not a vaccine20210122_215728.jpg

Furthermore, the corporate media and their favorite ‘experts’ are faking retardedness in the face of the fact that there are cheap and effective drugs that completely expose their lies about the ‘deadly’ virus.

The next important thing provoking doubt about vaccines are the obvious lies about their content and the disclaimer of the manufacturer from responsibility for any consequences. Why do manufacturers not report the content of vaccines and disclaim responsibility if they work in the health service? The answer is clear. They do it because they know how their ‘science’ affects human body, and one part of the answer lies in the greater resistance of people to the use of aborted fetal cells for the development of vaccines, which according to many, especially the religious majority, is completely unethical. Instead of at least some arguments opposing such an opinion, we only get disgusting lies of ‘fact-checkers’ with a reference to the producers! What an idea: Let’s ask the fox guarding the chicken coop about the missing chickens!

A standard lie of ‘factcheckers’ (a censors in reality) is that they do not use aborted fetal cells, but cloned lines derived from the cells taken in 1966 and 1973. They say there wasn’t any aborted fetal cells extraction since. This is an ordinary lie debunked at this link.

Therefore, any exposure of propaganda and criminal imposition of vaccines that according to official documents have not been verified is welcome, and it must be said they were issued a license for use without a completed testing, due to which we now have a map of the world on which the ‘effects’ of vaccines are recorded. One such revelation was offered by Eva Herman, a former TV presenter and now an author, who has received to her Telegram account a message with the following content:

*** Beginning of translation from German ***

Letter from the reader

Dear Mrs. Herman,

The following message is circulating on the Internet these days:

If I get vaccinated:

  1. Can I stop wearing a mask?
    Govt.: No.
  2. Can I open restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. and work as usual again?
    Govt.: No.
  3. Am I resistant to covid then?
    Govt.: Maybe, but we don’t know exactly yet…
  4. Is it at least certain that I can't infect others?
    Govt.: No, you can still transmit the virus; no one knows for sure.
  5. If all children are vaccinated, will normal school classes return?
    Govt.: No.
  6. If I get vaccinated, can I stop keeping my distance?
    Govt.: No.
  7. If I get vaccinated, can I stop hand disinfection?
    Govt.: No.
  8. If my grandfather and I get vaccinated, can we hug?
    Govt.: No.
  9. After the vaccine appeared, will it be possible to go to the cinema, theater and stadium again?
    Govt.: No.
  10. Can vaccinated people gather again at events and parties?
    Govt.: No.
  11. What is really achieved by vaccination?
    Govt.: You will not die from the virus.
  12. Are you sure I won’t die from the virus?
    Govt.: No.
  13. If, statistically speaking, I will not die from the virus anyway, why would I get vaccinated at all?
    Govt.: To protect others.
  14. So if I get vaccinated, it is one hundred percent certain that I cannot infect others?
    Govt.: No, we are not sure about that.

So, the covid vaccine:

  • Does not provide immunity;
  • Does not eliminate the virus;
  • Does not prevent death;
  • It does not guarantee that you will not get infected;
  • Does not prevent you from getting infected;
  • Does not prevent you from transmitting the virus;
  • Does not exclude the necessity of a travel ban;
  • Does not exclude the need to shut down the company;
  • Does not exclude the need for lockdown.

At first glance, the content seems correct, doesn’t it? Maybe such current content should be placed on channel… and gladly shared from there.

*** End of the translation ***

Then what does vaccination guarantee?

Just as consent to wear masks enabled the start of the vaccination campaign, so now vaccination guarantees further loss of rights. Whoever agrees to loss of rights now, will agree again when a ‘new breed’ appears in six months. And will agree if it takes three doses. And will agree to a Covid passport. And will agree to any further nonsense determined by the criminals in power…

All the more encouraging is any future protest against the political-media dictatorship and unfounded medical terror.

And let’s not forget what else vaccination guarantees. It without a doubt guarantees high extra profits to the Big Pharma and Big Tech mafia that is already developing a Covid passport.

And look who’s there! Must be quite by accident, Bill Gates is among the leaders again…

* * *

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