Coronavirus Hoax: A Transforming Lie

While the World is burning in an attempt to release itself outside of straitjacket of ‘liberal globalism’, corporate media plays the role of a magician assistant, trying to divert attention from the important facts with the pure TV terror…

And corporate media are routinely lying those who still believe them, or are simply allowing themselves to be hooked on their fake news. Here is one more dismantled fake from a certain liar Joseph Fair, NBC Fake News ‘virus expert’ who appeared at least 10 times on NBC and MSNBC over the last two months in an attempt to scare networks’ viewers with his ‘deathmatch’ against the terrible Covid-19…


A scum worthy of all contempt… and all of the corporate media time. Not having the slightest respect for all those celebrities like Prince Charles, Tom Hanks, Plácido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Novak Djokovic, Debi Mazar, Kevin Durant, Grigor Dimitrov, George Stephanopoulos, Chris Cuomo, Harvey Weinstein, Rand Paul, British PM Boris Johnson, Prince Albert II, Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and many others who all died from Covid-19… Say what? They didn’t die? Not even Harvey? Nobody? Well, isn’t a virus deadly? No cure or vaccine? So, where are the deaths? Here’s our @benswann with the brilliant explanation and facts directly from CDC:

Duration: 11:06

No deaths, but corporate media, as a good magician assistant, divert the attention from the facts to the ‘rising number of infections!’ Oh, the panic! Second wave! COVID-19 in babies! Fake news media are using full force to keep you in the permanent state of fear & panic, so you don’t think of robbery of your rights, your wealth and in the very end – your life. Therefore, corporations, their media, and their governments are true deadly viruses. BTW, in the video above, @benswann also explained why the contact tracing is another scam with the aim of total control.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, a man who has perfectly predicted the events, brings up more facts for those who want to know:

Duration: 13:56

This video is from July 5th, Dr Vernon Coleman mentions 977 alleged Covid-19 victims in Japan. We have seen that death from Covid-19 cannot be established without an autopsy, which means all the death numbers are pure manipulation. But let’s say they are true. Today, on July 27th, Japan, with the oldest population in the World, of 126 million and no lockdown measures at all, officially has 998 alleged Covid-19 victims. Do you see that fact in corporate media anywhere?

If the video goes down at YouTube, you can find full text transcription at this link.

A madness gone too far

The lie cannot be sustained in one shape only. It has to transform to last another day. That’s a real job of corporate media liars. They will put big headlines which says: “Virus is quickly mutating!” and then continue persuading you that you need a vaccine (or two, or three) to go back normal. Really? They just conveniently forget to tell you that with mutations virus is actually getting weaker, because it tends to survive in the surroundings. They also won’t even bother to explain how is it possible to create a vaccine against the virus that is constantly mutating.

This runaway lie is aimed to prevent your logical thinking, to create a mass psychosis that will force majority to comply, as Stanley Milgram has proven with his experiment in obedience:


Ordinary people are likely to follow orders given by an authority figure, even to the extent of killing an innocent human being. Obedience to authority is ingrained in us all from the way we are brought up.

Let’s repeat this one again:

“Ordinary people are likely to follow orders given by an authority figure, even to the extent of killing an innocent human being.”

Because of this, once again we have to return to Dr. Vernon Coleman and his video entitled: Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy Us All (link to the text in case video is taken down):

Duration: 17:18

“Don’t think. Obey.” That is the message of corporations behind the media and government oppression. The same ones who are telling you that you have to wear face mask in the mall except in the restaurant there – because you can’t drink or eat with it. The same ones that can’t explain how the dentists are not hotspots of ‘infection’. The same ones who are telling you that cow fart is responsible for the global warming effect, while their media does not ever state that methane in the atmosphere has a chemical ‘signature’ of fracking business! The same ones who are convincing you that Chinese 5G is deadly while American is not! The same ones who are convincing you that 5G is more dangerous, than provably carcinogenic chemicals that are sprayed over our crops. The same ones who never cover the terrible poisonous insecticides sprayed all over people ‘to protect them against mosquitoes’. And did you know that Johnson&Johnson have been using carcinogenic asbestos in their baby powder?

So, media is doing everything to hide with coronavirus hoax any true problem created by the same corporations that own those media. Nobody talks about the great crime of plundering wealth of global population any more – no time, it’s a ’health crisis!’ But the economy will return when the stomachs starts cramping. I’m afraid that we are not so far away from much worse social explosion.

This madness has gone too far, and it won’t stop unless it meets a massive and organized resistance.

Remember, the truth does not kill. Lies do. And this lie about the ‘deadly virus’ – is the most dangerous virus imaginable.

Please, don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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