BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus, Stock Market and Chelsea Manning Suicide Attempt…

The events get hotter by the hour. For this Breaking News, we have three topics, and as it is going, we could have more until the end of the day…

In an unprecedented move so far, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that all travel from Europe to the United States will be temporarily halted for a period of 30 days (effective from Friday midnight), due to abysmal reaction of EU regarding the spread of #coronavirus.

Duration: 2:59

Another wave of hysteria about the ‘exponential’ growth of the coronavirus infected in EU, and panic reactions of a certain leaders…

…have brought EU to another point of possible dissolution: The facts show that Brussels bureaucracy cannot coordinate anything, even the most important job of curbing the contagion. The fact is they cannot decide what are they going to do with Italy — help or isolate it! And Italy is now getting humanitarian aid from China (a million face masks, gloves, protective suits, insulators, expert teams…) and Russia!

Stock Market

Blocking the free flow of people means closing tourism in the richest parts of the World, and since the World economy is interconnected — that means the losses will pull more losses… Oil drop is not necessarily initiated by the coronavirus, but will at the current circumstances make things much worse for the global business:

Duration: 3:39

And Stock Market was this morning opened with a new minus of 5%, falling to -7% by the time this text was written…

Source: Business Insider

Trump’s one month ban on Europe travel is a certain indicator that the health crisis will not be overcome in shorter period, and we can’t expect oil crisis will be resolved before the one with coronavirus. Which is opening wide space for the deepening of already terrifying introduction to the economic side of crisis.

Chelsea Manning Suicide Attempt

A whistleblower, Bradley Manning, also known as Chelsea, the man who handed over a great deal of documents on U.S. Army war crimes that Julian Assange has published through Wikileaks, allegedly has been prevented in a suicide attempt. He (or she) was removed from the noose of a bedsheet in the last moment. Fortunately, there were no serious consequences. Why we must have doubts?

First of all, we cannot forget the same way of ‘suicide attempt’ by Jeffrey Epstein, followed by a successful one. This simply looks to much like a torture technique of the ‘intelligence’ community which is desperate to scrap some kind of fake evidence against Julian Assange.

Second reason is Manning’s already expressed position on suicide, nine months ago:

“I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard. And when I say that, I mean that quite literally," Manning said during a hearing at a federal courthouse in Virginia.

As a political statement, hunger strike has much greater power in case a person cannot cope with continous torture. But let’s wait a statement of Manning’s legal team, and see the view expressed by the victim itself. Whatever is the truth, it does show the desperation of the Empire to supress free speech and eliminate Manning, Assange, and all future Mannings and Assanges…

Don’t forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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