Coronavirus Hoax: From Pathogen to Profit

This time, I won’t bother you with long text. There is a movie you should watch…

If you ever heard a phrase Plandemic, then you’ve must heard for the famous movie by the same title, made by Mikki Willis and featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits, that was thoroughly removed from YouTube. Well, Mikki Willis, the Director, has made feature length piece full of documents that you should see with your own eyes. Connections between the corrupt world governments, corporate media, Big Pharma and ‘health protection’ agencies like WHO, roles of Silicon Valley tech giants, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Tedros Adhanom…


You can subscribe for free at to watch and download Plandemic “InDoctorNation” Full Movie, a.k.a. ‘Plandemic II’, or you can watch full movie online without subscribing anywhere, by opening this link:

Plandemic “InDoctorNation” @

  1. The Event ‘201’
  2. The Backstory Behind The Judy Mikovits Interview
  3. Interview With David E. Martin “Turning Coronavirus From A Pathogen To Profit”
  4. Where Did The Coronavirus Originate And How Was The Media Spread It
  5. How Does Google And Other Silicon Valley Companies Control The Narrative
  6. Should We Trust Our So Called ‘Fact Checkers’
  7. Power Hungry People Controlling The Narrative, The So Called ‘Mocking Bird’
  8. How The Media Targets Whistleblowers
  9. The Out Break Of Coronavirus Was Predicted Long Before The ‘201 Event’
  10. Leadership Is Compromised By Merits Of Influence Rather Than Qualities
  11. Why We Will Never Be Able To Fix Our Medical Care System
  12. Who Is Bill Gates And What Erruption Has He Caused
  13. ‘The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act’
  14. From Microsoft To Creating A Vaccine, How Is Gates Involved With Epstein
  15. A Vaccine Or A Population Management Story
  16. Stand Up To The Conspiring Parties To Reclaim Your Humanity!

First impression, fresh from watching: Having in mind statements by David E. Martin, PhD, this strain of virus must be a natural one, because Big Pharma would sue Russia and China for registering a vaccine on ‘their’ precious Covid-19.

Plandemic InDoctorNatione21749.mp4_snapshot_00.11.01.443.jpg

In truth the choice between natural or manufactured virus is irrelevant. It is not important if the war started as psychological or biological, because the virus itself is not deadly. The important thing is that the war against the global population has started. And you should take your first defensive steps:

Break your TV set and bring down the government which forces you into lockdowns, compulsory face masks and vaccinations…

Please, never forget Julian Assange was the first who broke government lies!

* * *

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