Coronavirus Hoax: First Covid Color Revolution?

Coronavirus Hoax inevitably breeds scandals. It seems that we are on the verge on another big international scandal involving corrupt WHO with unforeseeable consequences…

Things started to emerge on August 13th, after the text published in Italian MSMedia “la Repubblica” under the original title: Covid, avvisi di garanzia a Conte e sei ministri. Il pm: da archiviare. Il premier: “Mi assumo responsabilità politica” (Covid, warranty notices to Conte and six ministers. The pm: to be filed. The premier: “I take political responsibility”) in which it is said that Italy’s PM and six senior government ministers are having lawsuits brought against them on various charges, for their handling of the public health crisis. The background of this affair is revealed in an article by Italian reporter Nicola Bizzi, three weeks ago, under the title: “Aboliamo la Protezione Civile, ricettacolo di ogni corruzione e cavallo di troia del Nuovo Ordine Mondiale”. Sorry if the translation is not precise, I don’t speak Italian and rely on automatic translation – “Let’s abolish the Civil Protection, repository of all corruption and Trojan horse of the New World Order”.

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In the text, Mr. Bizzi said (with another apologize for the translation) the following:

“On July 23rd the newspapers finally published good news: three administrative judges of the TAR of Lazio (ER: Lazio is a large region on Italy’s southern coast that includes the city of Rome itself), Mariangela Caminiti, Ines Simona Immacolata Pisano and Lucia Gizzi, have issued a ruling that requires the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Department of Civil Protection to make public the words of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS), according to which the Conte Government would take all the most important decisions to stage the “State of Emergency”, the lockdown, the arbitrary suspension of citizens’ civil rights enshrined in the Constitution and all the repressive measures that we are familiar with and have experienced on our skin in recent months, from “social distancing” to muzzles. Acts and words that had been secreted, however, without any objective justification and whose reading or knowledge has so far been precluded and denied, not only to parliamentarians, but even to members of the government themselves, as repeatedly complained about by the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri.

Please, if there is an Italian among the readers to check the original text and correct the translation.

Furthermore, Bizzi states that last month President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko, who refused to take any emergency, lockdown or “social distancing” measures in his country, said at a press conference that he had received a substantial offer of money (92 million dollars) from the World Health Organization to do “as in Italy”. After he refused, in a few weeks new offer came from International Monetary Fund (IMF) of 900 million dollars and the same request: to close everything and do “as in Italy”.

Bizzi says that he has confirmation from the intelligence sources, that similar offers have been made to many other European and not only European countries. He claims that many heads of state or governments, including the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, did not hesitate for a moment to accept them.

This long article Bizzi concludes like this:

In my opinion, therefore, the Civil Protection, from a repository of the worst Italian corruption, has now turned into a real Trojan horse of the New World Order and of those supranational powers that want the final destruction of Italy and the full and total political-economic enslavement of our people.

Could there be truth in all of these statements? Unfortunately, yes, only not necessarily in that order. The $900 million offer to Belarus dates from April 16th, and was made through IMF's Rapid Financing Instrument as a helping hand to upgrade healthcare system in the country.

We have confirmation of a €90 Million package was indeed offered to Belarus by the World Bank on May 22nd, so it could take effective and timely action to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening the country’s national healthcare system – both packages still don’t have any confirmation of execution.


Could it be possible that the colored revolution in Belarus was started because of Lukashenko’s disobedience? Let’s see facts in comparison to the mentioned Serbian dictator. In Serbia, elections were obviously stolen (Serbian language), but EU didn’t lift a finger to react in favor of the people in protests, followed by a brutal police intervention. Is it because long outgoing Serbian government has immediately imposed the measures of terror over its population, without any medical justification? Meanwhile, without any solid evidence of electoral fraud, EU is firmly standing behind the ‘popular will’ and already making a sanction list towards Belarus officials.

We only could speak of double standards if any standards exist. Unfortunately, there is only one standard now: Obey to the New World Order or die.

Remember, we cannot rely that globalist institution will somehow bring things back in order. They were created for the New World Order. The terror won’t stop until the massive popular rebellion…

Please, never forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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