Coronavirus: A Conspiracy Theory

So far, I was always able to send in my texts supported with documents and statements of witnesses and experts. Today, we shall have a different post, made of questions and clues. Feel free to consider this post a conspiracy theory, but try to answer yourself these questions, and comment this text with your findings…

Stating that Covid-19 is a hoax is correct, but it is not enough. Inside this hoax is another hoax is another hoax… What would you say if coronavirus hoax is just the first stage in one much bigger, monstrous plan? Let’s start with a few facts…

This coronavirus is a natural one…

I know that people always rush into a conspiracy theory through the doors of biological war. It is no wonder, because all the serious states (especially the ones with satanic globalist agenda) are preparing biological weapons. But this virus is not an engineered biological organism, and here are the reason why:

First, nobody actually have demonstrated evidences that it is so. Not even Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, who has made a bold claim that COVID-19 pandemic virus has been engineered, did not present any evidence to support it.

Second, all the numbers from the beginning of WHO pandemic, are far lower than anything expected. In fact, they are lower than a seasonal flu which has a death rate of 0.1%, and the same curve of activity as a seasonal flu:


The Empire, with the most serious satanic globalist agenda, and a massive number of bio-weapon laboratories all over the World (for example in Georgia), would certainly not make and release a ‘deadly virus’ that is milder than seasonal flu.

Third: If the Empire has made a ‘deadly virus’, or even suspected that someone else has made a dangerous bio-weapon, they would immediately put up serious measures against it. Instead, complete Western World (EU, Five Eyes&Ears and Japan) were doing nothing but propaganda spitting over China in the first two months, since the news broke out at the very end of 2019. If you don’t remember a timeline, here it is again:

Duration: 1:46

Intelligence community knew there is no deadly virus, but the largest financial capital find a fantastic opportunity to evade responsibility for the destruction of World economic and financial systems, and push further globalist ideas.

So, we had a massive psy-op, a social experiment in establishing global government. But is that all? We said there is a hoax inside a hoax. Let’s return to the bio-weapon engineering. The fact that this virus was not engineered, does not mean that the Empire is not working on virus engineering. On the contrary. The Empire’s wet dream is making a deadly virus that would only attack a chosen genetics. And now we are coming to the…

Conspiracy theory

What would be the most important requirement for the virus with a selective target? It is a massive database on DNA of a global population. But there’s the rub – by law, it is not possible to take anyone’s DNA sample unless the person is arrested for a criminal offence that carries a possible jail term.

The police can require you to give a DNA sample if they've arrested you for a criminal offence that carries a possible jail term, or if they intend to charge you with one of those offences. If you're a suspect but they don't have enough evidence to arrest you or charge you, they can ask you to give a sample voluntarily, and if you refuse they can only get a sample from you if they go to a judge and get a court order – called a “compulsion order”.

In general, the police can't get DNA samples when they're investigating less serious offences like common assault or wilful damage. In those cases, the police can't take a DNA sample from you without your consent, and the courts have no power to order you to provide a sample.

This regulative was set because DNA is not simply ID means, it is YOU. Abuse of your DNA data can be much more monstrous and tragic than you could even imagine. So, the problem is: How to swab the majority of World’s population despite the laws? Wouldn’t it be convenient that some ‘deadly virus’ appears, and make swabbing of human (DNA) samples obligatory? Let’s say – make sheeple believe there is a test for virus presence? Nobody will ask questions if those are real tests or not. And everybody will be too scared to refuse!

Well, everybody except the Tanzanian President John Magufuli, who found a clever way to prove that test are WHO directed scam:

Duration: 8:01

So, tests are useless regarding to virus detection, but they are still used and…

Last week chief medical officer Chris Whitty and Public Health England’s testing boss John Newton apologised that data from the commercial tests was not available to local public health directors, citing “data quality issues”. HSJ was told this remains the case, with one DPH saying it remained a “complete data vacuum”.

So, tests are useless regarding to virus detection, the data from the commercial tests are vanishing around, and WHO is still calling: “test, test, test!” See the logic in it? OK, but that is not an evidence of human DNA sampling, isn’t it? Well, I said at the beginning that this time I have only clues… and a piece of information from one very well versed guy into the possible bio-terrorist attack in the next five years…

Duration: 4:27

But, of course, all of this is just a conspiracy theory. You don’t have to believe me. You just have to keep the link to this post for the next five years, and see what it is for yourself…

* * *

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