Commissioned Cover 1, part 3 - Viking Visual Art Tutorial

I'm working on a cover image for @iamraincrystal.
Last time, I finished up the DAZ 3D part of the project which took a bit of work on posing the new gun, but we got there. Now, it's time to put together the rest of the cover image.

I take my rendered DAZ image over to Gimp.


Once in Gimp, I added the background - which I found over at PXFuel. 2_1600.jpg

I used the "open in layers" option to select the new render, then adjusted the size of that layer.
Finally, I used the fuzzy eraser at 50% opacity to fade her body from under her top down. Then again just on the skirt.

This is what I sent to @iamraincrystal:


I had to wait for her to wake up to tell me her thoughts before I could do anything more. I could resize her larger/smaller, make her darker or more faded... I do like the positioning of the tower, but she might now... so...

She liked it as was.

Then, we had to grapple with such things as where the words went and whether to use margins or not. Even whether to use all caps or a mix was a question that we had to discuss.


I like pulling out one of the dominant colors into the margin, but it was decided to skip on that this time. (Maybe I'll skip it on my next series as well... I like the crisper look...

The text was a bit of a problem. The Supernaturalish font was easy to find and install, but coming up with the alignment was challenging.

The author's name was easy - down in the black, using the same orange that I used for this margin (even though we scrapped the margin.)

But if the title went completely across the page, then the black would get lost on the tower. Splitting it up seemed unsatisfying as well... it was always slightly too small to be prominent. Finally, we decided to split it up completely and enlarge the text.

I put it slightly off center to balance out the tower - and lined it up with the author's name. As I'd hoped, the ability to enlarge the text made a huge difference to the result.


At this point, @iamraincrystal declared the project done! I love it. Don't you? Be watching for this book - coming soon to a store near you!

Complete image credits...

Genesis 8 model by DAZ 3D studio
Fair Corsair outfit by DAZ
End of Summer Hair by Patti Mann
Space Cowboy gun by Ghastly



All work done by Lori Svensen on: Photoscape, Gimp and Daz 3D Studio.

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