Winter Baker - Viking Visual Art Mini-Tutorial

This is the transformation of a picture I took back in 2013 when I first returned to the US.

I asked my dad to stop the car so I could capture this stunning scene of these fields with Mt. Baker (a dormant volcano in the northern Cascades) in the distance.


(Image available at RedBubble, PicFair and TeePublic.)

Of course, my brain started playing around with the idea of removing the sky and making it night... so I did.

After deleting the sky, I added in a cosmos background (from Piqsels) as well as a moon (also Piqsels). (These are separate layers.)

The moon gained another layer, so I could put some moisture around it to make up for the hazy look over the mountains. I also put a 10% paint bucket across it to give it a bit of a full moonlight effect.

I also put a 50% opacity paint bucket across the foreground to put some nighttime over it. I didn't want it too dark though...

Anyway, I felt the result was fun. Here it is:


(Image available at RedBubble, PicFair, DeviantArt and TeePublic.)

All work done by myself on: Gimp; watermark added on Photoscape.

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