Name of the Neví Cover - Viking Visual Art Tutorial - part 2

So, last time I took you through the process of creating my character, Jerreck Mastin, who features in Name of the Neví - which will be starting in a few weeks on Steem. Today, I'll create Jilia Thule who has been made First Adviser to Jerreck.

I first went to find some hair for Jilia and found out that no matter what I did, I couldn't get the hair to work on my Genesis female character. After playing with the scale of it, and not making any difference, I decided to switch models to the Genesis 2 female. I, again, gave her some quick underwear to keep this child friendly.

Here, you can see her next to the original model, both wearing a version of "Charm Hair" - which is my favorite female hair thus far.


Now, it was time to find her some clothes. She's a world leader, not an exotic dancer!
I finally found this pleasant peasant tunic... Except it was in gray, so I fixed that.

Using the "Surfaces" tab in the bottom right window, I changed the "diffuse" color from the gray to a rich peacock blue. I tried a couple other colors too, but this was one I liked, knowing she'll be wearing a silver cloak to go with it.


She needs some boots still. No sissy dressy shoes for my working A'mara - they need something that will work however their situations evolve. They also have to look nice with her dress.

I seem to not have a picture of her after I put on the boots and before I put on her cloak, so you'll have to imagine the intermediary step here... (and look at the result in a minute.)

I finally found a pair of boots which I turned silver using the "diffuse" settings again. I had to do the two boots separately - and the lace things on the boots as well. At the same time, I decided to turn her dress belt silver to match.

Then, I put on the cloak as I used on Jerreck... As you can see, it's not silver and it really doesn't go anyway... So, I discovered the location of the "map" for the garment... (which I wrote down.)


So, next I went to GIMP and used some fun prints to redesign Jilia's cloak.
Here's the image:

(Source: Dragonbreath - do check out her work. I threw on a DIY watermark to keep from breaking terms of use.)

I used the "fuzzy select" tool to select the white area, then I clicked on "invert select" to have it select just the cloak. Then, I used the bucket fill to try several different patterns until I found one that I liked on Jilia.

I saved the file in the same folder as I found the original print in, then back in DAZ, I clicked on the "map" next to the "diffuse color" control then selected the correct file. Here's my result.


Next time, I will show you how I assemble my scene - and may even change out Jerreck's hair with some (gasp, horror) purchased hair... as I'm not happy with what I've been able to find for free, and my picture is going to require their hoods to be down, it's just going to look better.

Images are all screenshots of my work today - and feature products, characters and items which were free to use.

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