Zen Colouring Contest - Week 43 - Steem

@magiccleatus presents this fun Zen Colouring Contest
I have been doing this challenge for awhile now, generally taking the stencil and turning it into something slightly unexpected. Of course, this means I have to keep up this standard!

Here is my entry:

So, how did I get here?

This week's stencil:

I immediately wanted to put the headphones on someone listening to it. With the bits between the phones, I could only use the back of a head, really... And my attempts at finding someone with cornrows or dreads to color failed.

When I found the world picture, I wanted to put the headphones on it, but due to shapes and sizes, it just didn't work.

Then I found the man sketch which really worked perfectly. I left the world as a background to the head, as a symbol of the world of music which occupies the brain - while notes float around the Universe just waiting for us to find them and use them. Music is all around us - on the Earth, all cultures... and in the Universe itself.

Putting the work together was fairly simple this week. The space background was my lowest layer and only needed resizing to use. I found it at Pixabay.

The world is the next layer up. I removed the space background to make room for the other one I found. This image, I also found at Pixabay.

The man was the next layer just under the stencil. I needed to do very little to it. I did have to complete a line so that I could color in the man's neck and ears. Other than that, it didn't need much work. I love how the space background makes a nice shirt for him. Again, I found this image on Pixabay.

I didn't like where the musical notes were in the original stencil, so I removed them and put them in a new layer above everything else. I also replicated some of the notes so I could have more of them all around the man's head.

This really was a fun image to play with, once I worked out what I wanted to do and found the images to go with it.

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