Zen Colouring Contest - # 39 - Steem

@magiccleatus has returned with his coloring contest that has proven to be a lot of fun.

My initial reaction was this image belonged at the bottom of a Japanese plate, but I couldn't find anything that worked for me. So, my second thought was to put them where they belonged - in the water.

Here is my result this week:


Method (GIMP):

  1. Used the select tool to select and eliminate the white space in this image.
  2. Colored the image with orange (the featured color this week), yellows and browns.
  3. Added an overlay layer of orange at 50% opacity to sort of tie together the odd colors.
  4. Added ("open as layers") a PxHere image of water texture and dragged it to be the bottom (background) layer.
  5. Added another PxHere image of a gentler water texture, set at 25% opacity and dragged it to the top (foreground) layer to make the fish look like they're underwater.
  6. Save as is (I rarely flatten images anymore) - and export as .png or .jpg.
  7. Reduced the size of the exported image and reduced the resolution so that it would load nicely for Steem, etc.

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