Destruction Island Night Magic - Viking Visual Art Mini-Tutorial

I was talking with @jamerussell this morning about where my photo/artistic abilities end... In particular, we were talking about my lovely friend @daring-celt who did a marvellous painting based on one of the pictures I took of the Grand Tetons last summer. She also sells her work on MakersPlace which looks very interesting for sure, but probably isn't quite right for me.

Still, I felt the challenge to create something unique from one of my photos... Here is today's creation:

Creative Process

Today's work was done 100% on Gimp. I began with this picture I shared a few weeks ago - of Destruction Island off the Washington coast.

I utilized 5 separate layers on Gimp.
I created a reflection of the island itself...
I replaced the sky with a Pixabay image of the cosmos.
I created a reflection of the cosmos picture as well and placed it behind the island/sea layers.
I created a separate layer with just the sea, which I set at 70% opacity so that the cosmos would appear to be "reflected" in the water.
I probably could have done a bit better with it still, but I love the result I achieved anyway.

Here it is again - along with where you can obtain this work on products, canvas or just a digital file.

(Image available at RedBubble and DeviantArt

Photo is mine, taken in 2019 on my Pentax K30.
The cosmos image is from Pixabay.
All editing work done by myself on: Gimp
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