Painting Wooden Eggs for Easter

Easter egg hunts are so much fun! But there is a limit to how many hard-boiled eggs my children and I want to eat at once! And candy isn't any better! So, although we will still have some of the other eggs, these wooden eggs will add to the fun.
We completed this project in a single afternoon, so you still have time to tackle this simple, but pleasing project.


I bought a package of wooden eggs from Hobby Lobby for $3.99 (plus tax) for 4 eggs.
The first step was to paint the base color.

Next, I used the tip of the paintbrush handle to put five dots of color in roughly a pentagram shape. It doesn't have to be perfect, as you can see. I repeated this pattern all over the egg.

After the petals dried, I used the same paintbrush handle to dab another color in the middle of the pentagram. I used purple on this egg and yellow on the other. Even with imperfections, it looks okay.

Next, I painted some stems and vines to connect the flowers. I used purple again on this egg, and green on the other.
It doesn't have to be perfect or realistic, just let yourself flow.

Finishing touches
Finally, on this purple egg, I added some green leaves to the vines, and even behind some of the white petals. On the green egg, I added some bumblebees flitting between the flowers. The purple one didn't seem to want that so much. But maybe you might add some ladybugs instead.

When everything was completely dry, I sprayed the eggs with varnish to protect them.
Here are the completed eggs again.

Happy crafting!

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