Starry Happy Little Rock - Viking Visual Art Tutorial

(Image available at RedBubble and DeviantArt.)

I love how this work turned out.

  • I began with:

    (Image available at RedBubble and Picfair.)

  • I made a second layer instantly in order to divide the foreground from the background. I deleted about half of the background white to give it a horizon for the new background.

  • Next, I added a CC0 background (PXFuel, I think) from my collection as a cosmos background. (Three layers now.)

  • Then, I copied and did a vertical flip on the cosmos picture. (Four layers.)

  • The rock layer background was made semi-transparent to bring the cosmos colors through, but I still had a full-color layer in front.

  • So, I carefully deleted everything in the water, except the rock's own reflection which remained.

And there you have it... A "happy little rock" (thank you, Bob Ross!) with a starry night background and reflection - all in four layers.

All work done by myself on: Gimp
Background photo from PXFuel (I think... or some other CC0 site.)
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