Zen Colouring Contest #36 - Steemit

Here is my entry for @magiccleatus' Zen colouring contest #36


This week, I had inspiration upon seeing the stencil - in addition to the hourglass, I saw these binoculars at the mid section. I'm not sure how they go together, but that's okay. Someone this crazy is likely to have a rather interesting working environment - that's how I decided my background.

It took me awhile to find this guy to look through them. He's actually two elements as his hat didn't go up far enough.
Add to these two elements the background which I've used before in a haiku contest. I had to edit out the alien in the original here.

Next, I copied the hourglass to repeat the element in a couple of places.
Finally, I added some yellow for the candle and even another wash of yellow across the picture to show the light added to the whole room.

Anyway, I had fun. I hope you like it!
Images today sourced from:
Pxhere for the background
Goodfreephotos for the bloke
Pixabay for the dude's hat.

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