Pawn of the Neví Cover Art, Part 1 - Viking Visual Art

Having completed the main draft for Pawn of the Neví earlier this week, it is time to work on maps and the cover image.

Yesterday was spent sorting through dolls and clothes on DAZ 3D. I finally settled on the Genesis 8 doll, which may very well become my mainstay for the future - for the magic of dForce (more on that in a bit.)

These are my characters Saara and Viper.


It took awhile to go through everything and try to find something that suited. The scene is on the balcony of Viper's penthouse after an important meeting, so they are both well dressed. (Lack of footwear won't matter because their feet won't be in the final scene.

You can see here how collisions look on a DAZ 3D set - I haven't done any posing at this stage, so their arms are running into each other.

I've used:
For Saara...

  • Genesis 8 by DAZ 3D.
  • Gwennili Hair by Kayleyss
  • Medieval Dress by Adam Thwaites (Most Digital Creations)
  • Unisex Jewelry for Genesis 8 by DAZ (I purchased this one.)

For Viper...

  • Genesis 8 by DAZ 3S
  • Armani Hair by DAZ
  • Everyday Style Beard by zoro_d
  • Lumberjack Shirt by MEC4D
  • Newport Pants by DAZ
  • Unisex Jewelry for Genesis 8 by DAZ

Saara's dress is meant to conform using dForce (by DAZ) to make it work with gravity better. But so far, I'm struggling immensely, so it's possible that Saara's dress will change to something I can use better - or I'll have to crop the final much more severe than I'd planned. I'll show you why...

Here, I have Viper posed and Saara is in position, but zeroed in the neutral position for Genesis 8.


But when I put her into her position for the scene, we have... uh... a wardrobe malfunction...


So, now, it is time to learn all about dForce!

dForce is a new (2 years old) part of DAZ 3D, so it's something I need to learn. But so far, when I followed the tutorial for this dress, it didn't work. One of Adam's other creations did though - so maybe I'm going to have to find a different dress for her... We'll see tomorrow.

All work done by myself on: Photoscape, Gimp, Krita, and/or Daz 3D Studio
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