Birds Over Sunset Waves - Viking Visual Art Mini Tutorial

Here is a picture I created from my own photography plus a PXHere background image.
(Image available at RedBubble (whom have temporarily messed up their structure) and DeviantArt .)

This time, I started with this picture - "Birds Over Waves":

(Image available at RedBubble and Picfair.)

It was a fairly challenging piece, though I only ended up using 3 layers.

Having the right background to play with was essential this time, as the sunset had to match the angle of my photo very closely.

Then there was the fact that the sunset adds gleam to the water which I don't have in my photo at all...

So, the background ended up being the bottom layer.
My photo was the middle layer. I turned down the opacity enough to get the gleam in the water coming through and an appropriate darkening of the water - but not so much as to get the waves from the background coming through. It was a balancing act.

The foreground layer was the grass from my original picture, but moved further up the picture to hide the semi-opacity of the middle layer. I also added a spill of brown (to match the cloud) across the grass to give it a better sunset color.

Somehow, the whole thing came together into a fun, but realistic blended picture.

All work done by myself on: Photoscape, Gimp, Krita, and/or Daz 3D Studio
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