Zen Colouring Week 38 - The Order of the Phoenix, Perhaps - Steemit

Here's my entry into @magiccleatus' Zen Colouring Contest


As usual, we are to take a stencil and color it in reference to the week's chosen colors - this week it's blue. I've ended up setting a very high standard for myself - taking this contest an extra mile into context interpretation. As you can see, my phoenix is largely shades of blue. The flames the phoenix is rising from are textured with lava that I had in GIMP.

Appropriate to this creature, I put it on a background of fire taken from pxhere.

Looking at this result, I felt it reminded me of a knight's shield. So, I used the template taken from pubicdomainpictures.

Next, I decided to look for a more appropriate background for my new shield. I looked at several different ideas before I decided to go with chainmail that I found at pxhere again.

My final step, as usual, was to go over to Photoscape where I chose margins in complementary oranges to go with the flames and fire.

In naming this image, the analogy to a certain Mr. Potter is obvious, but I realized that as the shield looks almost more like a badge, it would be the perfect badge for a medieval "Order of the Phoenix" - perhaps something that inspired the one that Potter joined...?

I hope you like the end result.

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