A'mara Books Update - September 8

Last week’s update got skipped thanks to Steem problems. I put it off hoping they’d get their act together, but by the time they did, it was rather late, so I just skipped it. So, here is a fortnight’s activity rather than a single week.

In August, writing only about half of it, I wrote over 20k words over 2 ½ weeks.

This week, I achieved my latest Curie (28th) upvote on chapter 13 of Game of the Neví. At least as exciting was the Dbread award I got on Whaleshares. Please check out DEBREAD Creative Week Award 16. Some amazing things were said about my work. In particular, Dbread said:

"What is most memorable about the story series is the character growth & development as well as the interaction between the characters and within themselves as well as try to make sense of their relationship with other characters."

So, wonderful feedback!!!


This week, I managed to write…

Over 11,000 new words! (Plus over 7500 last week)

  • A Dark romance received 1800 of that.
  • The 852 wraparound got the remaining words.
  • Janys’ story got 3000 words last week

Titles for the 852 TCE first set.

The set is called Travel for Freedom.
It wraps around Speak of Devotion (Janys’ story) and Farming for Courage (Seri’s story.)
I will see how I feel about these titles next week…

There will be a second set for 852 TCE – this first set takes place in the early part of the year, the second takes place two seasons later and has yet to be mapped out.

Completed Main Drafts

  • Speak of Devotion was completed last week, standing at nearly 44.5k words.
  • Travel for Freedom is a wraparound, currently sitting at 36k words.. I edited and completed the first section and the section between Speak of Devotion and Farming for Courage. That leaves a section at the end to prepare the reader for the second set… BUT…

Back to the Neví set…

As I want to continue that set for the blockchains first, I have returned to Neví 5 which is currently at 23k words. It will explore the Dark Romance level of my writing a bit more than I have done thus far.

New Cover image

Mind of the Neví was always meant to have more to the cover, but things got in the way – especially as I was running very far behind with Game of the Neví, so let it go. But the cover didn’t include any aspect of the Neví, so it had to change.

I found a CC0 factory photo to use, put a gaping hole in the floor and used it with the previous picture, doing a partial erase on some of the background to blend it better with the factory which is integral to the story. So, here’s the result:


End materials

I have continued to work on the character information for Speak of Devotion. Once I’ve finished that, I will just keep moving to Travel for Freedom.

I still have that map to update as well as I think the Neví did something rather clever when they decided to keep the decrepit apartment blocks along the Kri’joton River – and it has changed the map of Joton significantly.

Coming this week

  • 7 chapters of Name of the Neví on Whaleshares (Please visit if you missed this book the first time around!)
  • 5 more chapters of Game of the Neví on Steemit.
  • Work on Neví 5
  • Finish character info for Speak of Devotion and Travel for Freedom
  • Updated map for Joton, Kri’enden
  • epublish Mind and Game


If you have liked any of my books, please take the time to leave me a review/rating at Goodreads

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on here at A’mara Books this week! I hope you manage to take a few minutes to immerse yourself in my world of Terrenden – which I’m so delighted to share with you!

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LINKS TO BUY! (in chronological order)
Notes: C.E.= "Common Era" (Earth)T.C.E. = "Terrenden Common Era" - B.T.C.E. = "Before Terrenden Common Era"

Brighid's Blood

Brighid's Blood

2006 C.E. and 1213 B.T.C.E.
Katja and Rachel are so desperate for love that they cast two love spells one night.
But the Guardians do not consider spells "fun", but rather as cries for help from the very depths of your soul.
Certainly Katja and Rachel could not have possibly imagined where these spells would take them!

Book 1 in the series: When God Lines Meet

Buy at:
Books2Read - digital formats only
Scribl - digital/cryptocurrency
LBRY - digital - cheapest option at the moment.
Lulu - paperback

Birth of the Neví

Birth of the Neví
829 T.C.E.
It is a tumultuous period of Terrenden history. As is all too common, there are those who wish to profit from the misfortune of others. Some of these come together in a new "charitable organization" and step on the toes of the notorious Uugli. Combine this with draconian new measures to combat pollution and Terrenden has a situation ripe for a power struggle.

Book 1 in the series: Rise of the Neví

Buy at:
Books2Read - digital formats only

Name of the Neví

Name of the Nevi

829 T.C.E. - All of Terrenden is reeling in the aftermath of the Restrictions brought in at the end of the last session of Parliament. Suffering the most are the industrial countries throughout the world. But the forests of Çtaráña and Shayanda are still being poisoned and fingers are being pointed bringing the continent of Kranisis to the brink of war. How can the A'mara save Kranisis amidst their own personal struggles?

Book 2 in the series: Rise of the Neví

Buy at:
Books2Read - digital formats only

Rebound of Power - 850 TCE Collection of Romance Rebound of Power: 850 T.C.E. Collection of Romance
Terrenden is being terrorized by a previously underestimated Neví who, through the mysterious “Curator,” have been controlling elections all over the planet.
In this collection, we meet some interesting women.
Iyva - a homeless teenager in Irola whose untrained power leaves her close to death in Rebound of Power;
Marc’la - a breeder of prized caballus in Kasago whose heart lives in the past in Friendship on Fire;
Zukie - an abused widow whose heart is afraid to try for future happiness in Courage to Trust;
Jenna - an elections assistant manager and masseuse who has a prejudice against A’mara in Elect to Change;
Kami - a chola student in Varkevand who has been assigned to protect Ardin, a man who has his own reasons to distrust A’mara in Ocean of Empathy.
Acting the Part Acting the Part - 851 T.C.E. Collection of Romance
The Neví have infiltrated the Terrenden Freedom Party. Dr. Jarly is on the run and the Curator still dominates the Terrenden stage. Famous actor, Derick Aiden has released his Neví expose film and now the Neví want him dead...
In this collection, we meet more interesting women.
Kauri - a simple receptionist who doesn’t realize one of her wildest dreams has come true; in Acting the Part
Tirry - an elections manager who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride; in Building on Promise
Zara - a chef who has all but given up on finding love for herself; and
D'zani - who isn’t even looking, but has to chaperone her more vulnerable roommate; in Spice of Strength
Soala - an heiress who is expected to marry, but refuses to marry someone she doesn’t love; and
Moxara - one whose past griefs have locked away her heart in Sands of Survival.
We also get updates on some of the lovely ladies we met previously.

Rise of the Neví

829-835 T.C.E. In this series, the Neví begin their rise in power with the completion of several large housing projects that seem totally charitable, but also hide a great evil within. The draconian measures (829 T.C.E.) have caused major distress throughout the world, perfect for giving the Neví a further foothold on the Terrenden stage. Will the A’mara, now removed from the Council of Peers, be able to shut down the Neví before disaster strikes?

Titles include: Birth of the Neví, Name of the Neví, Mind of the Neví, Game of the Neví, more to come...

**(To be Named)** - 852 T.C.E. Collection of Romance... It's confirmed that the Neví are now in all three houses of Parliament and most assemblies throughout Terrenden. Additionally, some are threatening to introduce legislation to severely cripple the A'mara of all their privileges.

In this collection, we will catch up with our fugitives (Iyva/Zilan, D'zani/Elíaz). We will also meet Celna Dellan in X'lea; Peri Harmon, a Peer Councilor in Irola; Janys Tyne, an elections team leader in Atrua; meet a nice (as of yet unnamed) woman in Kasago; and revisit Vissia and Catalia in Towani.

Writing and artwork copyright myself 2005-2019 – all rights reserved.
If you are interested in helping me publish these works, please contact me on Facebook or Discord, viking-ventures#2883.

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