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Today's artistic post was done as an entry into @magiccleatus's coloring contest for this week. A lovely stencil using the ouroboros. As I thought about this one, I decided to see whether any other mythos used this amazing snake. And there was one - the Vikings! Except this one is called Jörmungandr.


I used four separate elements for this composite.

  • Firstly, was the stencil, which I used greens heavily for this week's theme color.
  • Secondly, was the viking warrior from some re-enactment somewhere. I used his shield as a base for my stencil, which basically becomes the new shield.
  • Thirdly, was the background photo which had a beautiful longboat featured. I could see this warrior waiting for the moment he could board the ship for some a-viking adventure!
  • Finally, I did some research to make sure I could spell Jörmungandr correctly in runes. Fortunately, the correct runic spelling of this beast was discussed in several forums!

I hope you love what I did with it, @magiccleatus. I have a bit of a standard to keep up now!

Today's images are from:
Public Domain Pictures (the Viking warrior standing on the grass.)
Geograph.co.uk (for the ship - taken by The Carlisle Kid.)

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