Photo progression - salvage tutorial - Baby Blue Flowers - version 2

Here is the second version of the picture I played with the other day... As you can see, it's quite different from the one in version 1

Of course, I started with the same picture.

Step 1

I auto-leveled and sharpened the same...

Step 2

This is where I parted ways with the other. I played with the "colorize" setting in the "bright/color" sub-menu. I chose a light filter of blue to enhance the blue tones already in the picture. I also used "color enhance" and "contrast enhancement" just like in the other version. I really like this bold color!

Step 3

In this next step, similar to step 3 in version 1, I hit the backlight button once, then used the film filter - cross process option. Though instead of "deepen" as I did with version 1, I used the "brighten" option. (Again, hidden in the "bright/color" sub-menu.

Step 4

Just like with version 1, I have opted to add a texture to help disguise the lack of sharpness in the photo. Again, I used the "texture" - "line_diagonal" before flipping the picture horizontally and repeating.

Step 5

As in version 1, I now head over to GIMP where I use the rectangular select tool, invert the selection and then use the gaussian blur at 30x30 to turn the fuzzy outside part of the picture into a feature.

Step 6

For my finishing touch, I return to Photoscape where I flip it horizontally again to the original position, then put a margin border - actually, it is three margins. The inner black margin was done at 10 pixels, the color at 50, then the outer black margin was at 15 pixels.

And there you have it - one of my pictures taken from blah to greatness!

I love Photoscape because all the edits are so quick and easy (not to mention it is FREE! - available for Windows and OSX - and yes, it does work under WINE for the Linux lovers among us.) Most of the challenge is working out which things will work best for your image. My strategies have changed over the years as I play more and find new ways of using the tools. So, maybe I can help you get there faster.

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