Zen Colouring Contest #34 - Steemit

Here is my entry for @magiccleatus' Zen colouring contest #34


Looking at this picture, I instantly saw places that should be empty to the picture beyond, like a window... and depth to be added by gradient coloring around some of these empty spaces. The OCD in me complains about the lack of perfect symmetry, but it's pretty good and a lot of fun.

I paired the stencil with an artistic render of a clematis vine that I photographed when I lived in Wales. The picture itself lent itself perfectly to playing, so I had some fun. Fortunately, I had a purple one to help fulfill the purple mission of this week's contest.

Rough method... (GIMP)

Alpha channel was already present, so I did not need to add to it.

  • Use fuzzy wand tool to select parts for the background. "Delete" each section that I wanted clear for the background.
  • Duplicate layer (layer dialogue)- I named it "paint"
  • Use paint bucket (make sure "select none" is done) to add solids and patterns to the design.
  • Open as layer background image.
  • Drag background layer to the bottom so that it is behind the rest of the image.
  • Scale background layer to the size I want so that other distractions aren't in the final image.
  • Crop image to only include the mandala and the parts of the image I want.
  • Export image.
  • Take it to Photoscape
  • Resize to a better size for uploading as contest entry...
  • Add margins as desired.

Lori Svensen
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photographer/graphic artist for Viking Visual
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