Pawn of the Neví Cover Art, part 3 - Viking Visual Art Tutorial

I'll just keep going with this since finishing this cover is one of my main focuses this week. Last time, I showed you how I altered Saara's dress to more appropriately fit her - and fine-tuned their hands to get the contact that I wanted for the scene I've chosen for my cover.

This time, I'm building the rest of the scene... and will get here:


How I got there...

As I clothed my characters, I was very attentive to pieces of scenery that I saw along the way. This flower gate (by DNA) attracted my attention. Perfect for a balcony!


So, now that my characters are posed where/how I want them, I can move these pieces into place. The front piece, I scaled to make it look the way I wanted. I will fix the textures later. Viper's expensive penthouse isn't going for the shabby chic look!


I also placed the floor pieces using some steempunk stuff I have - again, this was DNA's work. The fact that the texture is ugly is immaterial. I will fix it later. The shape is the most important part.


I created the doorway and placed a backdrop in the background. Backdrops are so important in my sets. They can become walls, floors, or just set pieces to host a background image.


Now, you can see more of what I've done. I've added a couch and a lamp in the living room. I've put textures on the walls and floor, changed the feel of the doorway and the balcony as well. I've even found a sunset picture courtesy of PxHere.



Everything the right color/texture, I go to my camera and see where I am...


I really like it, but I see that some of the shortcuts I took are showing. So, I grab another backdrop for the third wall in the living room and put another lamp out on the balcony.

I also make the sunset wall "emissive" - as well as my two lamps... Then, I placed a couple of point lights for good measure... And turn out the main lights...

Oh yeah! I love the intimate lighting of this scene. I'd like them to be slightly brighter, but we'll play with that next time, when I start really messing with settings.. looking for that perfect render.

All work done by myself on: Photoscape, Gimp, Krita, and/or Daz 3D Studio
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