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The 7-38-55 rule is a concept concerning the communication of emotions. The rule states that 7 percent of meaning is communicated through spoken word, 38 percent through tone of voice, and 55 percent through body language.

Not knowing how to communicate made me feel stuck


When I started working nobody taught me about communication. But I know for myself that if I needed to talk to someone I would do it directly (talk directly to the person).


When I was young I noticed that some elderly would talk to their nephew or grandchildren in a gibberish way. It's kind of cute to me back then because, yeah, it's just kind of cute. But some child and toddler educators said that the elderly should not talk gibberish to a child because it is not a proper way to talk to young ones, instead, they said you have to talk to young ones just like adults using correct words (not gibberish). In that way, they will learn the correct words faster instead of the gibberish ones.


Now on a more personal note. Communication problems is what we often encounter on a daily basis. There's is always a problem of people placing a different meaning to what we have actually said. We often struggle with making "our truth" known almost everyday without hitting the wrong nerve in others. This is because not everyone has a deep understanding of how to decode or interprete a message rightly. I broke up with my girlfriend recently and this was because of communication purposes.

Sometimes when we communicate through electronic means we miss out on some ingredients of communication that really matters a lot. Facial expressions and body language are essence of communication which we often need to drive home the things we often convey when we use a verbal stance on communication.

Dissonance is when people fail to communicate essentially well and this is why we have so many conflict between friends, family, acquaitances, colleagues and many more. When people misread or place a different meaning to a message then communication essential becomes void.

This is why it's Important for us as agents of communication to try as much as possible always to understand how to communicate, not just this but to be able to decode a message properly when the roles are reversed. Communication is one of the key to a safe and peaceful human society and hence one of the reason why each and everyone must see a need to cultivate the act of healthy communication skills.


Most times, we feel we have lost all, we feel all hope is lost and then we start wailing and blaming ourselves- this is a negative communication with yourself. The positive one is when you appraise yourself or something you did and got a good result. So, therefore communication exist with yourself and other people around you.


After reading the question of the week, I took some time to allow the question to sink into my mind. As I did so, I kept thinking about how there are times that no matter how many words I use to convey my message to others, those words fall on deaf ears. So why does that happen? I call it selective hearing. People hear what they want to hear except when it causes them discomfort, such as when they don't agree with you or they are just not interested in the subject, or their predetermined opinion blocks any new ideas.

Being in love, body language at it's best. A kiss, a hug, a giggle, a squeeze on the neck, a soft caress on the cheek, a playful pinch on the backside . All these actions convey one clear message. Intimacy.

Communication without a single word.


Communication in my opinion is one of the most important needs of human beings since we live in society, day after day we relate to each other and we are constantly exposed to a large number of feelings that can even overwhelm us, since within the communication there is a certain transmission of emotions depending on the topic about which we are talking and how it is done, something that can affect our interpersonal relationships... as has been my case on multiple occasions.

It is difficult -not to say impossible- to communicate with someone if you are not willing to listen to the other person, and that is a common situation in our day to day life. It can happen in several ways, such as when you are trying to express something but they interrupt you time after time without allowing you to speak, that's why I call these people 'monologuists' because rather than having a conversation it seems that you are listening to a monologue on their part. It can also happen that the other person lets you talk, but to their ears what you say is comparable to the buzzing of a fly because they are not really paying the slightest attention to you, who hasn't been there?

Respect is one of the fundamental bases not only of communication but of life itself, because if you do not respect others around you it could be said without fear that all the interactions you have will be negative.


Communication is so much important in maintaining relationships. And it is equally difficult sometimes to put your point across in the most pleasant way as possible.

A face to face communication is not as much of a challenge compared to online conversations. These are the ones that sometimes also create a lot of misunderstanding, because it is difficult for the person to understand the tone and body language.

I have seen that people who are hesitant to put their point across and cannot communicate effectively are big time sulkers. They keep the issues within them and then keep brooding over them feeling helpless. Rather when we make clear communication with people and sort out our differences it eventually ends up in better relationships. But not communicating builds up bitterness.

Let Go.....Let Go......Let Go..... the only key to happy and carefree living


Reading body languages is way to know when someone is comfortable around you or a particular surrounding. this is a form of communication as well that one should master. Not everything is being said especially those who don't know how to express themselves through words but the signs would be all over them.

In conclusion, there are different forms of communicating with others and they are not always verbally. We need to learn to read body languages as well to understand the situation of a person. Moreover, communication does not only lie on giving out the information but being able to receive. and understand the information given to you either verbally or through body language. Lastly, Communication stands as a key to building a strong relationship sharing heart to heart matters and understanding each other's situations.


Communication indicates how well we can express our ideas and without any very are we able to deliver our message.

From my personal experience and thought I must say that those who are good speaker and Express their ideas very well are the good leaders of this world. If I just mention about the great leader of Bangladesh the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a great speaker.


My upbringing, really affected my ability to communicate my needs. Asking for help, is still something I struggle with. When I went to the speech therapist, they only focused on fixing me, not on the reason why I had the speech impediment in the first place. This is a perfect example of how most health systems work, it is all about the symptoms and not the actual cause.

Becoming a mother, really helped me find that voice,that voice that was not afraid to share her needs and ask for help. Because ultimately, I want my girls to see it as a natural part of life, that asking for support and receiving it is no big deal. I still struggle with it though, there is still this blockage that needs to be removed, the wall is not as high but it is still there.

For the last few weeks I have been attending a weekly Non Violent Communication Course and this has been a huge eye opener for me. I remember a while back, pre Hive days when we were on Steemit, @eco-alex offered an online course on NVC and I was super excited, but I didn't get to complete it. This time round though, I did.

The first thing we focused on was the art of Listening, empathic Listening to be more exact. To be fully present and silent as we listened to others, to really focus on what they are saying and give them all the time they need to express themselves and their needs.

words hold the power to transform!
anchoring myself to the ground,
trickles of energy
calling on me to to explore,
to take this time
to journey deep and restore.
delving deep
into the depths
of my core.
my potential
allowing myself to soar.


If there is something that distinguishes man from the rest of living beings is communication; verbal or non-verbal. Communication has been one of the bases of social organization that has made possible the gregarious sense of humanity. Man has always lived in association with others, whether they were nomadic groups at the beginning or sedentary groups later on. The most primitive communication, non-verbal, made group life possible, in order to subsist and survive always grouped together.

The word is a reflection of that inner world and each person, to the extent that he delves into his inner world, to seize his own knowledge, creates the conditions of what is and will be his outer world: the relationship with his peers and the environment that surrounds him.


Communication logic
Wrong person + wrong person = 100% dispute
Right person + wrong person = 50% dispute -50% peace
Right person + Right person. = 100% peace.


For some reason, pets just have the perfect skill in picking up your vibe. Even without words are spoken their behavior will adapt to how your behavior is. For instance, this week we were all a bit under the weather here. A bit sick and a lot of couch time. But couch time still means going to walk with the dog. Occasionally I would take a little bench in the sun to just take a rest for a bit during the waks in the sun, not really looking for company but just to sit there.

To me commune-ication is always about the sender and the receiver being in line. And what better way to have this than in your own commune-ity.


When a child can have a good time with his parents and see his parents interacting with others, he can learn something about communication. Moreover, if the parents have good communication with their child while they are at work, then that child has a good idea about communication and his communication is built up in the future.

Communication is an important element of a child's personality development. In the case of communication, personal relationships are formed and the nature of this relationship with the outside world largely determines what qualities the child will have! In the school age, a variety of communication develops between a child and an adult and replaces each other. In addition, their communication is built up by playing games with classmates, talking about different topics and sharing everything with each other.


Commune means "to be together or absorb" while "-ication" means a process. To sum it in my philosophy "commune -ication means the process of absorbing ideas, utilizing them and making decisions from the explicit knowledge ".

Sometimes a message could communicate different meanings to different people. The same friend of mine once told me "If I keep buying things I don't want, very soon I will start selling things I need", as straightforward as the statement was, I did not understand it until I had a personal experience, then it occurred to me what that statement meant. This implies that not all communication is understood at that moment, sometimes it demands a personal experience to absorb a message.


miscommunication that might arise.

Listening Is Key In Communication
For smooth and effective communication, we should learn to listen more before speaking. Usually, some individuals believe speaking more than listening would earn them some points. This usually happens in an argument and it makes me uncomfortable when I come across such people.

I have noticed that people who have honed their communication skills attract more people to themselves. This is because we want to be heard. We like people who are willing to give us listening ears. Likewise, we too should be willing to listen.


When I did a workshop on communication through touch and caress, from there I extracted valuable information that shocked and convinced me, and that led me to recognize that the origin of communication lies throughout the body and its main receiver is the skin.


We have to understand that, there is a big difference between TALKING and trying to COMMUNICATEan information to someone.


The main criteria in a communication is to K.I.S.S. - "Keep It Short n Sharp", or "Keep It Short n Simple". In this way, there are less chances of miscommunication.


When we communicate with others we also have to ensure that we are understood. Sometimes miscommunication is the root of conflict. When ideas are not conveyed properly it causes not only conflict but also confusion.

People perceive things in different ways. I may get offended by a word you say when in all honesty you meant absolutely no offense. Our perception of a thing and another person's perception is often different.


The most dangerous weapon of today is communication, the word many problems and inconveniences worldwide that are generated by misinterpretations or misuse of words, carries a series of extreme consequences, even more, can cause situations of colossal structures.


One thing with humans, no matter how conscious we strive to be, conflict is inevitable.

The first step is listening, and one easy technique for that is using a physical object (talking stick, feather, shell, you can designate what you like) to get everyone to listen and speak one at a time.


Everyone wants to be heard, but is everyone ready to listen?
Most people confuse communicating and talking.


It takes bravery to tell somebody you don't love them when you don't love'em but you like'em, you don't want to hurt'em but also you can't stay there because it just get you deeper in a relationship that you already know is going to no where.


Thank you to everyone who wrote.

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