ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 TIE UP POST : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?


wow! What a response.. I lost count somewhere after 20 posts.. Such beautiful posts you guys, really special this week! We come from such a wide range of countries and cultures, and yet we seem to find such connection on so many topics, and especially the spiritual realm. I can read these posts all day long, it's really the kind of thing we have more time than ever before to think about. So thank you to everyone who posted and commented.

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If the opportunity exists and I can choose, I want to be a doctor. My profession now is a teacher. Teaching many things especially language lessons to my students is a wonderful thing. Especially if we can change the mindset of students for the better.

Why did I choose to be a doctor in the next life? I want to give my time and energy to help the poor. As we know, every country, especially mine, Indonesia, has many poor people. Many of them cannot afford to meet their daily needs, moreover they think about the cost of treatment for their illness. The cost of treatment at the hospital is getting more and more expensive.


he idea of reincarnation is totally frowned at by some religious group. The Holy Bible speaks of a time of judgement coming immediately after death. So, reincarnation is totally a wrong thing to think about in the christian circle.

I must say that a lot has been said by psychologist, philosophers, astrologers and eastern religion like Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism☸️. The wheel of destiny is fueled by reincarnation. The Ying and the Yang ☯️ is reincarnation reinvented. Either we all like it or not, reincarnation has been enshrined into our philosophy either as a Christian or Muslim. And we live by it consciously or unconsciously.


As human beings, if we look at the extent of universe, then this universe is very big. And within this universe, we human beings are among the most honorable creatures of the universe. If I ask myself today what I want to be, if I want to be born again as a human being in this world or in some other corner of this universe, my answer would be this. I wish to be born as a human being.
Why is my answer in YES?
We humans have the ability to think and then understand education. We humans are the best of God's creatures. Because we have knowledge. And thanks to this knowledge, we determine a better way of life by asking and answering questions from each other and then drawing better results from these questions and answers.



I could be a famous footballer or a model for a famous craftsman, but the science remains above everything.

One of my favorite characters was Bill Gates, who started his life almost without any preparation for building the best electronic world.

What do you think of Bill Gates? My data on its beginning is clear and direct, but now the whole world knows it.

Resonance lived his childhood in a moderately wealthy family with his sister Christian and Libby.

His father, Willem Gates, was a lawyer, and his mother, Mary Maxwell, was a teacher who subsequently worked with a few institutions and as an executive on the papers of some banks and organizations.

In his youth, Bell was an active auditor and gifted to read various reference books and books, and at 12 years old his parents seemed nervous about his investigations as he gave indications of his passion from school, so his parents recruited him at Lakeside Private School.

Ringer dominated his subjects and was brilliant at science, arithmetic, language, and drama. Computers caught Bell's attention completely when Lakeside School brought a computer into its lobbies, and Bell had the option to create a program in a basic language that enabled computer clients to play against the computer.



I'm quite amazed by the fact that these questions are always interesting. I find it important to participate as I notice they give me a reason to think about matters that I don't think about normally. This week is no exception, I was waiting for the QOTW and bummed that it was a bit delayed (life, right?) so this morning I was very pleased to see the question was published. Thanks for creating these weekly posts @eco-alex!

Do you believe in the afterlife or rebirth? Have you ever felt like life is like a grand show, a great game that we all get to play, time and time again?

Funny because this sentence that I quoted from the QOTW post, is exactly what I often feel. I do feel less and less alone in these thoughts today because of the fact that the pandemic has woken up quite a few people, I'm not afraid to speak up about them. These feelings came to me for the first time when I was a child.


Reincarnation is returning to the world under other circumstances, aspect and nature, according to the treatises of philosophy and metaphysics, the individual will return again and again to reincarnate until he has developed love for all without distinction and when he feels he has nothing to forgive, by the simple fact of recognizing in his heart that the individual reacts naturally on a lower plane.

However, the idea of going back from scratch over and over again is somewhat far-fetched, unless the individual's DNA is enhanced through the evolution of the individual himself, over time, and reaches such a level that he does not trip over the same stones.


Since childhood I have always believed that there is something beyond death and that in the same way there is something before arriving at this world, that without thinking about the curiosity that causes me to know what I was before being in this body and having this life, and above all to know that I can be later if I have already reached the end of my incarnations or I still have others left. I have read a lot about the case of twin souls and that it is not always related to the love of a couple, since that twin soul can be a friend or a relative, and why not a dog or a cat? Or maybe a family animal.


If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

What lies beyond the veil no one can say with 100% surety. But yes by and large we do agree that there is Reincarnation which brings us back to human life again and again. And the purpose of it is for our Soul to keep progressing and reach to a level where we can become one with our Creator. The Creator of all that is.

But I find this Theory a little looped up or I can also say Universally flawed. If I have to understand in one Birth, I learn my lessons, I die, I am born again with a blank memory and in the loop same things keep coming back again and again to me. It gets very complex. The patterns of life continue from current and previous births and we are in a never-ending cycle. Human lives are so complex with the 5 senses that it is not possible for one to not create any karma. And once the Karma is created whether it is good or not good, there is payback time also.


Este es el reto más curioso e interesante que he visto en Hive porque me parece una pregunta que pudiera llevarte a muchas profundidades, por lo que me propongo disfrutar de este proceso de creación y dejar fluir lo que salga sin darle mucha vuelta en la cabeza.

Mi respuesta ante la primera pregunta: ¿Crees en la vida después de la muerte o en el renacimiento? es Sí y Sí, creo que la muerte no es más que un cierre de un ciclo y que luego continuas otro de forma distinta, sin tu cuerpo físico, ocurre una transformación y no un fin como concebimos la muerte, no tengo como asegurar que esto es así ni dar pruebas de ello, pero es lo que creo en lo más profundo de mis células: existe la vida después de la muerte.


This is the most curious and interesting challenge I have seen in Hive because it is a question that could take you to many depths, o I intend to enjoy this process of creation and let what comes out without giving it much thought.

My answer to the first question: Do you believe in life after death or rebirth? is Yes and Yes, I believe that death is nothing more than a closing of a cycle and that then you continue another one in a different way, without your physical body, a transformation occurs and not an end as we conceive death, I have no way of assuring that this is so nor giving proof of it, but it's what I believe in the depths of my cells: There is life after death.


Our universe, our world, our life and our consciousness is a mystery and would remain a mystery even beyond our existence. So many people have gotten the opportunity to die for a moment and then they're rescucitated again and when they are, most of the times they're always saying the same thing; "a dark path and an endless road, a chilly feeling and a sense of emptiness". To me I believe we're alive after death but it's a different kind of consciousness where we exist on a separate plain that operates on different rules. Remember, we have a spirit and a soul and a body, now while the body is meant to guard our consciousness on earth when it's stripped by death then the spirit and soul gets to live on. Our physical consciousness is stripped buy then we that's when our spirit and soul begin to exist in a different dimensions.


While I was at the middle of thinking on my first content in ecoTrain community, I stumbled upon a post about Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life? and at this moment of time, I made up my mind that my first post in this community would circulate to this interesting question. So without a further a do, dive in and I'll show you.

8th grade. This was the time I knew about reincarnation. My AP (Araling Panlipunan) teacher had a lesson about religion specifically about Hinduism and Buddhism where in it tackles the idea of reincarnation. As far as I remember, reincarnation is the idea about the soul being reborn and having a new life. According to Encyclopedia Britanica , reincarnation, also called "transmigration" or "metempsychosis", in religion and philosophy, rebirth of the aspect of an individual that persists after bodily death—whether it be consciousness, mind, the soul, or some other entity—in one or more successive existences. Dependin


First of all, let's talk a little bit about past lives and what happens after we die. When it comes to things like these, I choose to be open to possibility it is real but at the same time I'm not 100% positive - I don't really think too much about it but I do like the idea we lived past lives and when we are gone (physically) from this planet, there is still something from us left, that goes on to another circle of life, another experience and/or form. Some people might say that's our imagination making these posibilities about past lives or that we are affraid of death so it's comforting to think that our soul or spirit is going to live on forever...

I've seen a few stories on the Internet about kids who talk about what we call past lives. They talk about people they knew or places they lived in or how they died in the life before this one. I find this quite intriguing and interesting. I've never had experience like this but I do feel strange attraction to some things, places and cultures that "came out of nowhere". I think that a lot of us experienced traveling somewhere and having this feeling like we're at home. I would love to hear your opinions and beliefs about this topic.


A dog!

I will choose be a dog, any of them I believe they came to teach us to be a better person... so I will love be a dog...


A breast and womb of world Concentrating our thoughts on deciphering what we are, who we are, what we seriously believe in, where we think we will go after death and suchlike, makes us realize that, at this point in life, we still don't know much about what happens after we die. When we are either skeptical wanting to believe or spiritualists looking for signs, we notice that even though we believe in rebirth rather than the resurrection of the flesh, something inside us thinks there is "someplace" waiting for us, no longer heaven or hell, that I left behind along with the creationist theory that never really fitted into my creative, imaginative and inquisitive thinking.

Every culture exerts a frontal or subtle influence on the collective and individual psyche, and although one tries to shake off and see beyond the obvious, it inadvertently happens to us as they say it does to those who say they do not believe in God, but at t


Once again, my innitial reaction to the Question of the Week by @ecotrain was maybe not this time. Eventually, the more I thought about the topic, and the more posts of others I read, the more my own personal reply crystallized out, which I'm happy to share here. This week's question was If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

Among The Most Common Answers

I have actually thought about this weird question quite a bit in my life. On occasion I even discussed it with others, who believe in reincarnation, and who don't think spending time on these matters is a waste of time. So when thinking about how to spend life in this ecosystem of ours, once my human body is being eaten up by fungi and nematodes, my favorite image was that of a raven in the grand canyon.


En mi juventud tenía la tendencia a rebelarme ante todo lo que era el mundo de los mayores, había decidido ir en contra de las creencias que predominaban en mi entorno, eso hizo que me resistiera a aceptar la posibilidad de una vida más allá de la muerte. Durante mucho tiempo pensé que me podría mantener en esa actitud, sin embargo, el llamado de la espiritualidad latía dentro de mí esperando el momento oportuno para mostrarme toda su luminosidad.

Con el nacimiento de mis hijos cambié mi perspectiva, me impacto darme cuenta que en ellos estaba de algún modo la continuidad de mi vida, paso a paso fui aceptando que la maravilla de la vida tenía que ser obra de algún creador, un ser que estaba más allá de cualquier posibilidad de comprensión, al que no tenía que buscar mediante la razón sino abriendo los caminos del corazón.


In my youth I had a tendency to rebel against everything that was the world of the elderly, I had decided to go against the beliefs that prevailed in my environment, that made me resist accepting the possibility of a life beyond death. For a long time I thought that I could keep that attitude, however, the call of spirituality was beating inside me waiting for the right moment to show me all its luminosity.

With the birth of my children I changed my perspective, I was shocked to realize that in them was somehow the continuity of my life, step by step I accepted that the wonder of life had to be the work of some creator, a being that was beyond any possibility of


In Cambodia there are so many that people believe on Buddhism. We believe in good deeds and good karma and bad karma. Humankind has so much karma, I don’t want to be born as a person again. If I can I don’t want to die and don’t want reincarnation also, because it means life is not real.

In Buddhism, Buddha teach we reincarnate as person or animal there due to our karma. We have a belief that to be born into a human is to have less karma than animal. Buddha say, all life in this world has karma, only a forever death has no karma. We try to make a celebration for the future.

I really don’t know when I die I will reincarnate what, but if I can select one I want to return as a bird.

Sometimes I wonder this world really have return reincarnation or not? I d onot believe 💯 but I really believe in good deeds 💯.


For me, talking about reincarnation is like doing a mental exercise where I imagine what it might be like if I had the opportunity to start over, but start over from this mentality from this moment that I am.

I am particularly aware that what I am feeling at this moment, my emotions, my way of being, what I think, what I am, depends on everything that I have lived and on my body, if I had another body if I had another experience it would not be me, it would be another person.

The human being that I am is unrepeatable and unique. To believe in reincarnation is to take away from the human being the characteristic of his unity.

Reincarnation is a human aspiration, the human being lives, he likes the fact of living, he does not want it to end, that is the root of our reincarnation aspiration, we do not accept the idea that we are going to disappear, we will never be again, It is something that we cannot accept partly because of pride.


Si pudieras elegir ¿En qué encarnarías en tu próxima vida? [Esp-Eng]

Hello beautiful people Hivers @ecoTrain Here I am again in this beautiful space that invites reflection in this week 22 by answering the question: I could choose, what would I embody in your next life?

At first when I read the question I thought of my loved ones, I was overcome with a feeling of hope with the expression How nice it would be if...! but immediately my objective side was awakened resonating with the idea: what we have lived for good or bad, is because it has had to be so, hence our learning obtained from our heritage or lineage, each of us has a life story with the possibility of changing it when we want. So I said to myself: out of dependence, it is your time to choose and live.


Hola gente linda Hivers @ecoTrain por aquí estoy de nuevo en este hermoso espacio que invita a la reflexión en esta semana 22 respondiendo la pregunta: Si pudiera elegir ¿en qué encarnaría en tu próxima vida?

En principio cuando leí la pregunta pensé en mis seres queridos, me invadió un sentimiento de esperanza con la expresión ¡Qué bonito seria si…! pero enseguida se despertó mi lado objetivo resonando con la idea: lo que hemos vivido para bien o mal, es porque así ha tenido que ser, de allí nuestros aprendizajes obtenidos de nuestra herencia o linaje,cada uno de nosotros tiene una historia de vida con la posibilidad de cambiarla cuando lo deseemos. Entonces me dije:fuera la dependencia, es tu tiempo de elegir y vivir.


We all have great similarities in one place. And that is, we are all creatures created by the same Creator. Maybe our own religious beliefs may be different. For example, some are Hindu, some are Muslim, some are Christian, some are Jewish. But we are all creators of the Creator. Every religion speaks of heaven or hell. That means the beginning of another life after our death. If we are not resurrected after death, how will we be thrown into heaven or hell? Although there is no question of going to heaven or hell. Even after that we took a few examples to illustrate the clarity of the afterlife after our death.

f you want to participate in this contest or want to know more about this week's question, click on the question.ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life? What is my position on reincarnation? I believe that after death, we will be resurrected and judged for our deeds on earth. Personally I don’t believe in individuals reincarnation. Because we will enjoy the afterlife for the sake of our worldly karma, that is normal. But I will be born again as a crow, or as a monkey, or as a dog. To be honest, I do not believe in anything like that. See, to be honest, I don't want to hurt anyone's faith here.


There's one thing that people know about me, even if they don't know me very well, and that is that I believe in reincarnation. I do. I still have my doubts about how it actually happens, whether it's always a good thing or not, and a few other things. But that's not what we're trying to figure out here. At least not today. So let's have a look what my choice(s) would be if there was one.

A little intro into my 'live(s) experiences' 😅

About 12 years ago, I studied hypnotherapy, and NLP. This has helped me see the real me more clearly, it taught me a lot about myself but also about others, about how the world works, how several authorities use hypnosis and NLP for their own gains, etc. When I was still in the middle of all that learning back then, I read something about 'Lives between lives' regression. I was intrigued. I had always been interested in regression therapy, even though I wasn't quite sure what to believe in that regard...but interest always gets the better of me so I have to investigate.


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