Welcome to this huge QOTW tie up post! Thank you to everyone who took part, so many brilliant posts. This week id like to bring together some of the points that you made! There were so many and I think its really nice to see them all in a list. So, from all of us in the ecoTrain community, here is what we think we should do to prepare for indefinite lock downs. In no particular order or size:


Build community

Create our own medicines

Buy Sporting equipment

Listen to calming meditation music

Grow a rooftop garden, herbs on your windowsill, mushrooms in your bathroom, spirulina, kombucha, water kefir.

Stock up some imperishable food items

Families should live together as much as possible

Make a seed bank

Start identifying alternate means of income, which can be easily done from home

Join some online classes of whatever our interest is there to keep our mind active.

Start an Offgrid Life!

Learn DIY

Gather essential foods

Do Homesteading

it is time to grow up: it's time to learn, it's time to love your neighbor, it's time to heal yourself internally, it's time to forgive yourself, it's time to forgive the other, it's time to cooperate, it's time to share from the soul, it's time to give

Store WATER as much as possible in containers

Do things that make you happy and make your soul sing. Music, art, cooking, photography. There are endless possibilities.

We need community right now, creating community, strengthening community that is what needs to happen.

Create a Bartering, Exchange and Trading System

Foremost thing is to stay stress free and away from depression.

To keep youself mental healthy the reading, meditation and yoga are very useful.

WOW! Thats quite the list! I think that is food for thought! If you scroll down now you can see all the posts and read more. Theres some very wise words in so many of them wwowww! Thank you to all who took part xx

I also want to mention that OCD are no longer curating ecoTrain posts. It was fun whilst it lasted so thank you to all invovled. Luckily we still have many great curators who are supporting you in the ecoTrain community, as well as ecoTrain of course! So please keep up the amazing posts and lets keep inspiring each other in these crazy times!

xx Big love and have a beautiful weekend! xx


This is the dilemma, whether we're being fed complete bull shit to generate fear into the masses or not, our world's rules and regulations seem to be taking on a bit of a different face. With more and more restrictions coming into existence everyday, we must ask ourselves if our freedom is at risk.

One scenario I can see taking shape could seriously restrict our ability to move through our environment, for many years to come, until everyone has taken a vaccine. Be it the inability to enter the markets, renew a driver's license or get health insurance without a covid pass, it will be up to us to find the loop holes. It will be up to us to build an underground railroad. Perhaps it is too dark of a path to imagine ever happening in a place like the US, but if it does we want to be prepared.

Prepping for an age of darkness doesn't mean we have to live in fear... There is always a light somewhere!



Ain't it funny how things come on your path whenever there's something bothering you? A few days ago, I read an article about what could happen once our total supply of food/water/electricity, etc gets cut off, and something about this maybe happening globally in the next year. It honestly freaked me out!

During the first wave

I was scared at first, and honestly convinced that we needed to be prepared to stay in for weeks and therefore make sure we'd have enough food on the shelves outside of the fridge because our storage space in the fridge and freezer was lousy at the time (before we moved here). It made me worried that we'd run out of food and not be allowed to go to the supermarkets.

In the end, the 14-day lockdown never came, and I have only noticed in the very first weeks that people were stocking up toilet paper and flour for example, but this balanced out much quicker tha


Warning: What follows here is a bit of rant, where I didn't hold back on my gloomy cynicism. Spreading negative energy is the last thing I want to do, especially in this wonderful @ecotraincommunity. At the same time, I feel a bunch of suppressed emotions under the surface, just begging to be shared. So here it is, my honest opinion. Please treat it as such. I never meant to blacken anyone's hopes, but I do want to share my feelings. It may resonate with some of you too.

This Week's Questions: Indefinite Lockdowns

One of the reasons I enjoy Ecotrain's Question of the Week is because oftentimes it confronts me with thoughts and notions I just can't ignore. This time the case is even sharper, as it's asking us quite specifically: What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?


This week @ecoTrain comes up with yet one more thought provoking question What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

The whole of last year has taught us many many lessons not only in terms of taking care of our health but also taught us some lessons on developing our basic survival skills. People like me who are living in the busiest cities have very less control on the city operations, there is not much choice left but to follow the orders that come through from the top. Rather I will not even say choices, there is no way out only in the first place. There was a point when the basic necessities of life were also becoming one struggle to get, and when you would get it you had to pay a premium price for it. Many people lost their jobs. Almost everyone had their own battle in some or the other way.
And the good thing is with all these challenges people started looking out for options where they would have minimal or no dependability.


ecoTrain has an interesting question this week that I like to share my opinion about as I think it's important and maybe can be useful for some. It's about the crazy situation created by the pandemic, that needs our attention continuously and we need to think of long term solutions if we want to be prepared for an even worse scenario. I'm going to jump in the middle of it as there's no need to present the situation, I don't think there's one single sole on this planet who doesn't know what it's going on on this front.


"I want my normal life "

Since the beginning of this whole journey I have only wished that all this would end, but the more months go by I see that on the contrary the situation gets worse. I am from Venezuela and I live in the capital of the country, here the statistics tell us that the month of December unleashed the virus even more and everything indicates that having lowered the guard in matters of security did not bring good consequences.

This Sunday the authorities gave the weekly report and it was surprising to hear that the number of cases was close to one thousand people per day here in Caracas. Also in the interior of the country the cases have increased, especially in the border countries, because many people managed to pass from Colombia to Venezuela and this made the proliferation of the virus more acute.


The last year was one of the tough year and cobid19 has change our way of living the life. It has changed everything from food to the daily routine work. In Indai when the Janta Curfew (it is similar to curfew but not by the forces) was announced no one has imagined that it will convert into lockdown over night.

If I got chance or we get intimated in advance about the lockdown my fist priority is collecting food. I remember when the lockdown was announced the first thing I have done is purchased a powder milk for my kid (she is 3 year old now). Gathering a basic essential food will be my first priority. The dry fruits and packed food are always good if you want to use then for long run. Fortunately in my area we don't face any shortage of essential itema nd we were able to order the same online.


Having a plan is half the battle.

"What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?"

Over 40 years ago my husband and I purchased land in the mountains of Upstate New York, USA. A nice parcel of open space with little development surrounding it. In fact, at that time , there were only a handful of people within several miles radius to our #homestead.

It is secluded.

The 'farm', which it was quickly named and always there after referred to as, became our playground. The land did have a single pole with an electrical source and an old fashioned well, laid up in slate, that tapped into a natural spring, a simple hand pump capped it off. The water was ice cold and crystal clear.


Hello Hive,

Good day to everyone, I hope you guys are all okay.

2020 for all of us has been a tumultuous year because of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I've never imagined in my entire life that I would be witnessing such a global health crisis. All my life I have heard of the news of war, recession, crimes, drugs, but not about a pandemic.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out I thought it will only last for weeks or a month. But I was wrong.

Now, my country has been into community quarantine for about 10 months now that began in March 2020.

The city where I live is still under "General Community Quarantine" or "GCQ".

We now get it, a community quarantine is needed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But it has negative effects. The most strict community quarantine that we get to experience does not allow us to go outside of our home, in my country it is called "Enhanced Community Quarantine" or "ECQ".


I look out my window towards the sky and I see a bird flying in the distance and slowly disappearing in front of my eyes, and the sky remains intact, the sky does not know about the bird and the bird does not know about the immensity of the sky, and I feel many times like that bird, I do not know so many beautiful things about this planet, in fact, I have never left my country, Venezuela, and within my own country when I was able to go for a walk to so many beautiful places here, I did not, and the saying comes to my mind: "Nobody knows what he has until he loses it", but I look at the sky again and now I see two birds, and I smile at the fact that I am not the only one who has had this happen to him, maybe to you too, and this leads me to contemplate the panorama in a different way, the same sky, but I feel it a little different today.


Hola amigos de @ecoTrain Que buena la QOTWpara esta semana y precisa para estos tiempo bélicos y circunstanciales donde siento el planeta viene dando noticias de múltiples formas, a las que creo muy poco hemos puesto la debida atención, La pregunta reflexiva de esta semana ¿Qué puede hacer para prepararse para cierres indefinidos sin tener que salir de su casa o mudarse de ubicación? me moviliza muchísimo pero siento tengo el coraje para impulsarme a buscar estrategias que me permita resguardar mi vida y la de los míos.

Hello friends of @ecoTrain What a good QOTWfor this week and precise for these warlike and circumstantial times where I feel the planet has been giving news in multiple forms, to which I believe we have paid very little attention. This week's reflective question, What can you do to prepare for indefinite closures without having to leave your home or move to a new location? moves me greatly but I feel I have the courage to look for strategies to safeguard my life and mine.


2021, is definitely going to be a year full of uncertainties. A year where we will be tested and pushed to our limits. This is inevitable, as we transition into this new world!

But what will this new world, entail? Those who wish to hold onto their power,those who took positions of power, have their own plans about the world they wish to create,a world where they exert even more control over the masses. But we, we can take this opportunity to create our own.

2020 was a test run for that, an opportunity to step out of the system. As we faced lockdown, as the restrictions grew and grew, we got a glimpse of what awaits us, if we choose to comply and follow suit. It shown some of us, how reliant we are, how much we depend on this system in place. But there is another way and with all of this happening, we saw more and more people beginning to embrace that way. To grow their own food and to move out of the cities.


Very good night ecoTrain friends!

The second, and in some places the third wave of contagion is hitting many countries of the world of this virus that seems not to want to give truce putting in danger great part of the population.

Faced with this situation, many governments are closing many of their activities, causing great consequences in businesses and even in industries, which translates into a lack of many products, even those of primary need.

In this opportunity this is not a surprise, because the same thing has happened last year and this should serve as a lesson for us. As far as possible we should have our homes supplied with non-perishable products and try to make a small garden at home to try to supply us with fresh and nutritious products that help strengthen our defenses.

Here in Argentina we had one of the longest quarantines in the world, which left a legacy in the population and above all in an economy that had already been hit by several years of corrupt governments and that left us all on our knees.


Hello All ecoTrain Friends,

First i would like to thank @ecotrain for this great initiative and @OCD and @acidyo for all the support.

I feel that this is a great way to increase your engagement and get to know all other lovely people on hive.

Please check this post for more details of this initiative.

Today's question is very interesting and realistic considering current scenario where we have been intermittent lockdowns from almost an year and we also don't know for how long in the future we will have to live like this.

Now To answer this week's question, to prepare myself for an indefinite lockdown, there are a few things i would like to do:

  • If we go into an infinite lockdown, first of all i would like to setup a routine for myself and would stick to it.

Foremost thing is to stay stress free and away from depression. Stress and depression have a ripple effect on our life and could cause even more serious problems. I would like to learn mindfulness techniques like Yoga to keep myself stress and depression free.


In last year we have see the things happened which will be remebers for years. In India the Covid19 enterd in month of February-March and afterwards in the month of April Government declared the lockdown. Initially it was for two weeks and then extened for two more wekks and it was continuing for more then six months.If I have to face the indefinite lockdowns situation then I would like to move to my Home town which is a Village. In last year when the covid19 was at peak, we dont face any major issue in our village.

Grocery and essentials

Lets talk about the lockadown first. In my locality during the lockdown we were suppose to follow some timing if we want to move out of our home for any essential or urgent woek. All the essential shops were also open like grocery store, milk dairy, medicine stores ect. So to be true I was worried at the beginning of the lockdown (thinking that their may be shortage of goods/items), but afterwards the life come to normal. I am a house wife and living with my husband and our kid (2 yer old).
So to store all the essential items like grocery etc is in my opinion is not that necessary, but yes I would like make sure some stock must me their on my kitchen.


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