ecoTrain Question Of The Week #25 TIE UP POST! In what ways is living off grid the answer to the many consequences of coronavirus?

I can't tell you how pleased i am to see so many of you engage and post on this weeks QOTW! As many of you know, this is a topic close to my heart and right now I am doing everything I can do get myself and others off grid and self sufficient. That is really what being off grid is all about, self sufficiency and all the things that go with it. Your posts said so much, and there is a lot to be said. Many of you get it, and even if you cant make that move right now, perhaps one day you can work toward the kind of security that I believe we should all have. Being truly secure without having to worry about money for your basic comfort needs removes a great burden and brings a kind of inner peace. That layer of constant stress sits with us all unless we have found a way to make life work without needing money to survive!

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I think it is fair to say, that we all have our own ideas about Covid, the severity of it and the restrictions that have been forced upon us. I have made my views known on here already, so I do not think I need to go over them again. But in a nutshell, I believe the restrictions are having much more of an negative affect on people, than the actual virus.

Viruses are a natural part of life, they are all around us and our bodies are designed to cope with them. Of course, if someone is ill already, exposure to a virus can be deadly as their immune system is already compromised. But if we have been honouring our bodies and taking care of ourselves, then our immune system can cope with the virus.


Hello everyone! It was a global shock when the spread of coronavirus broke out. I, for one, was one of those who felt somewhat disgruntled, the fact that my kids are scattered in three different places to earn their living. What am I gonna do? I was like a sitting duck waiting to be shot right at that very moment! I feared for their safety and mine as well, with my inner thoughts that it will be the end of mankind! Well, we've heard about those other viruses but this kind shattered each and everyone.

When it was announced that there will be a lockdown, it seems that the world stopped revolving, working places were paralyzed, and most of all, there was hunger everywhere! Our only means of communication was through the Messenger Family Group chat. Thanks to internet technology!


First of all, I would like to thank the @ecotrain community for giving me the opportunity to talk about the ongoing coronavirus epidemic worldwide and off the Grid.

I want to answer this week on my own. I hope you like it. This week's question is QUESTION OF THE WEEK #25: In what ways is living off grid the answer to the many consequences of coronavirus?

Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the whole country and the whole world is in turmoil. Due to which people are becoming unemployed every day. Many are leaving the city and moving to the villages due to food and financial crisis.


Today the whole world is plagued by the scourge of coronavirus. The coronavirus has caused a stir around the world. Its ill effects are not only on the economy but also on people's way of life, social system etc. Its effects are far-reaching and far-reaching. Every country in the world we look at has seen a number of changes in the economic system, starting with the way people live. Today's week's question of EcoTrain QOTW is relevant and contemporary. So today I will highlight some of the cases of corona virus in the context of Bangladesh.


Another interesting question of the week boiled my blood in my nerve. Before getting on the topic, I would like to extend my warmth hi and hello to all of you. How's life along the way? Are you bracing the second wave of the covid19 pandemic?

Well, in my workplace, the nation is recovering and there are still cases under control.

But in my homeland, fears are still on the mindset of every people. It is so hard to recover the situation when it belongs to a poor level country.


To begin with, it is impossible to escape the network unless you want more to live like the Yanomami there in the Amazon, without electricity, without electronic equipment and with all the discomforts that human beings already experienced before the Neolithic Revolution, that is, when they invented agriculture and animal husbandry which led to that process we call civilization, which is life in cities, being in any urban center is being online, the problem is that we live in a world where the future does not It is seen as eutopic, that is, as something very good but rather dystopian, that is, as something worse even than what we are experiencing at the moment.


In what ways is living off grid the answer to the many consequences of corona virus?

I don't live off grid but we set up our homestead to be able to live comfortably off grid if need be. We know that the grid system is not something we can really rely on plus as the cost of living goes up it is nice to know that you can still have a quality of life without the huge bills from being tied to the grid.

The effects of the lock downs had many people losing their livelihood and changes to their economic status where it became hard to meet those bills. Luckily this time round I was not effected but I still listen to the words of Robert Kiyosaki:


Living offgrid is a wonderful journey one can experience. You get disconnected to the crowd, pollution, political and negativity around you. You will be in harmony with nature and going back to the basics where our roots are. Nature will be closer to you, with fresh air, fresh foods and low cost of living, minimizing the risk of contracting this virus.

Offgrid living offers us to become self reliant and self sustainable. We can grow or hunt our own food. We develop important life skills that are needed for survival. With peace and tranquility absorbed by our body, I believe our wellness and being will be much improved resulting in a better quality of life.


The availability of technology and its countless advantages make this life what it is today, the new generations are taking advantage of the use of technology for their recreation and learning; and their social interest is increasing day by day, a new vision of the world is posed each time that advances in the technological area, trapping more and more people within the grid, the grid that by itself is already captivating and fascinating.

Even though belonging to the grid implies moral risks, economic risks (electronic scams), loss of privacy and the vulnerability that participating in massive networks implies, etc., one can live within the grid, interacting in diverse environments is one of the most significant skills of this era.


The truth is that before I started to answer I wanted to see several meanings of the question and read several publications. I think that living off the grid would not be as easy as many people think. It is not easy because many of us sadly already depend on technology to be able to survive the day to day, the truth is that we ourselves allow our lives to be directed by technology. I am not saying that it is impossible to live off the grid or that it is bad. For me, living offline would be an interesting challenge, I don't know if I would make it, since I depend a lot on my electronic equipment.

Living outside the network at this time would be good because it would help to overcome the pandemic we are going through, at this time the over population is affecting us isolate ourselves within four walls as we are all now is not easy, instead be in a place outdoors would be refreshing to go for a walk without having a mask, breathe calmly without fear of being contaminated is what we all want.


I don't know how many people like me or I are mentally connected to life. But if we investigate, we find that we are divided into urban and rural life systems. And our lives and lifestyles are growing up around these two environments.
But the question is, can we change our way of life? Can we separate ourselves from the society to which our lives are connected?
I will not use the words "living off the grid" in my post. Because what these words mean is how we can enable ourselves to be self-sufficient without any support.

Today, if we compare our way of life with the way of life of man fifteen centuries ago, we can see from history that man has never
Didn't live off the grid

We have moved from ancient times to modern times and our lives have shifted from rural to modern. We humans used to plow with oxen and animals and today a few people living in a small town are using modern machinery.
Today we humans are living our lives around the modern system.
But the question arises as to whether we are imprisoned today in this advanced age. Freedom and peace.


The human being is a being of habit, and once he feels the happiness produced by comforts, meals prepared around the corner, the feeling of joy experienced in the city surrounded by lights and the beauty of man's inventions, it is difficult for him to want to abandon such privilege; to continue living within the net is part of his happiness, However there are exceptions, perhaps the needs, the desire to live surrounded by nature (and this is also part of the happiness of some) or simply the country situation coupled with the current circumstances of the planet, which lead many people to migrate to a rural area, and thus escape the grid.

For nobody it is a secret the ecstasy that can get to produce the use of the Internet, the wonders that it presents is an ocean, where to choose is so amusing: to take a walk by musical videos, films, series, courses of different topics, the learning can be very effective when you use suitably so powerful tool, in addition to the possibility of profiting doing what you like: to write, to hang videos, photographies, games, etc, a range of possibilities, which you would hardly want to leave behind who has already caressed such a beautiful gem, and logically the Internet can also be a dangerous weapon, but that is not the point I want to make today.


Less dependent on governments

Right now, things are changing by the day. Several countries are having full power currently over what restrictions are being tightened. These powers can be abused, it's not said that they will, but it's a tricky thing. We civilians could feel (I often do) as if my faith is in the hands of those above deciding. I don't like to lose control, and defo not to governments. It doesn't matter what decissions are being made, the pandemic makes me feel that I'm very dependent on the government, even without having to hold my hand for financial support. I honestly hope to break this cycle rather sooner than later.

I can't even imagine how it must feel to be in a very very shitty financial situation at this moment, not knowing if there will be help soon enough before you drown and things are getting even worse.

I have read many times, that people are now (more than ever) deciding to sell their belongings and find a place to live off-grid, be self-sufficiant. And I salute every single one of them. Those people have the guts to take control back of their own lives and try to be independent. It takes a lot of guts to break the sheep-cycle (lol) we've been brought up with. Most of us, those that aren't lucky to be brought up living free but in a system (wherever in the world) can't deny that we have never been free at all. Freedom is not being dependent on anyone, not even governments..


Flowers everywhere

The safe place became unsafe. The crowded places like Cities turned to be ghost cities. Only the blow of the wind that was making a sound when the coronavirus attacked every place surprisingly. No one was expecting it, so no one was ready of it. People were lucky when their lives didn't experience the effect of this virus. Not totally lucky because a threat of being affected was still there. That's why a lot of people were leaving the Cities. They knew that they might be hungry leaving their jobs. Even so, they decided to face hunger rather than facing the virus which has a fatal effect.

The happy lifestyle changed into sorrows to everyone. Many people were afraid to go outside. Discriminating people were happening because everyone wanted to avoid those people who might be a courier with the virus. Humanity was gone because of the fear of this virus. It's understandable but sad to say it shouldn't be like that. But we have no right to judge them because like us they wanted to make sure they're safe and families. But some people were doing things to avoid contact or to distance themselves from this virus.


Sometime back there was a QOTW from @ecoTrain, If given a choice will we go in for a off grid life? At that point of time my answer was I would like to have a off grid life but not on permanent basis, just as a weekend break once in a way I would not mind.

But during this Corona situation, me and my family have been putting maximum thoughts over this and all of us have a complete different opinion on it now. The last few months have taught us many things, just not from health perspective but from all angles of life, that is our living environment, surrounding, self sustainability and all ways. Our systems have never been very pleasant but have never been so shabby also.

Lately we have been thinking a lot on the way forward for our lives, where we would be in a much safer environment and also be self sustained with as less dependency as possible externally on the systems. I know a couple of my friends who have been living off grid, during these times they have been so relaxed and living a much more healthy life then we in cramped cities do.


Going Off Grid This crazy pandemic has done a lot of damage and it's far from over, I believe the worst is yet to come. The lockdown has been hard on many of us and it looks like the chance for a new lockdown is huge, in some countries there's a lockdown happening as we speak. If you live at the countryside, not much is changing, that's what those people say (I've spoken to a few and they say every day it's business as usual), but for city people staying in a tiny apartment for months is pretty difficult.

This is a nice thing, it's definitely a solution to escape being locked between four walls but it's not for everyone. Off grid living may look like easy, may look like the perfect solution but has its challenges some may not see. You may argue that people were living off grid in the past, which is true but those people were not raised in the city. Let me give you an example to make you understand what I mean.

One of the lockdown measures was closing all the restaurants, and food shops. Those who used to eat at these places or order, got a big slap on their face as all of a sudden they were left without their usual lunches, dinners. Needless to say how many people have no clue what to do in the kitchen, they don't know how to prepare a simple meal because they were not forced to learn that. Why waste time with cooking, when others can do it for yourself, right?


It's obvious, the world is overpopulated and man's activities are harming the earth's natural ecosystems. In so many African countries in the past including Nigeria we use to have what we call the rural to urban migration but in 2020 there's been a legitimate cause to revert back to urban to rural migration and this is the pandemic that threatens end us; covid-19. You see back to overpopulation, living off the grid is the only way to reduce overpopulation, we all know that overpopulation will aid the spread of any pandemic and in the case of Corona virus it isn't different that's why countries with mostly modernized cities and plenteous numbers have more cases of covid-19 for example; Italy, China. But then what's do we really mean by 'living off the grid"? First of all, living off the grid means giving up a luxurious modernization setting to live in a much more natural habitat that might not have electricity, internet or other aspects or wants of convenience.



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