ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST! : How do you deal with monsters? How tolerant are you?


We have had some amazing response on our this week question. We are all facing our own monsters of life, some internally and some externally, but the amazing part is how each one of us are fighting them out and coming out as our own super heroes. It has been difficult for many to go through some extreme challenges, facing some real devils and still have been able to keep their head high and living lives with a open heart.

We invite more and more people to join our ecoTrain community to know and learn all about sustainable lifestyle and living. Ultimately we want you to be free to live in a way that supports your deepest human nature and desires. To do this we need to shift to a new paradigm, and we are currently on the precipice of great change owing to the massive upheavals caused by COVID19. I believe we must come back to our roots, and fulfil our most primal needs. Most important of these is to live in a supportive community that fosters healthy relationships and dynamics, and be self sufficient! Therefore, we are here to support your posts that cover topics relating to sustainability, off-grid living, permaculture, homesteading, healthy cooking, holistic healing, and more.. The ecoTrain also supports the creation of real world ecoVillages in Portugal and beyond. The time has never been more ripe for us to attain real security and to become self sufficient.

So without further ado, let's see what gems you have shared with the ecoTrain community. <3 Much love to all from @nainaztengra!


Sometimes we are like the fire that takes root without control, especially if someone tells us something different from what we think or simply does not love us, I think it is the right moment where our internal monsters take over who we are, the reptilian part of our brain is the one that takes control, many times everything ends up in a mistake; even if it sounds more of the same, the only thing we can do is breathe.



Many times these mental, neurological or emotional disorders can be produced by employment, marriage, social life, education, sexual abuse, among others that can disturb the mental state of people and form an emotional imbalance sowing in it depression and this leads to other elements such as fear, anxiety, paranoia that can lead us to suicide if we do not control.

We have other types of disorders that are produced by alteration of brain waves at a neurological level such as psychosis, bipolar disorder or double personality, behavioral disorders and dementia that can often cause direct damage to the person through self-injury.


The first few days I was paralyzed, I did not react, I did not understand his attitude because I had never met a person with those characteristics that become monstrous and very difficult to face. But in time I decided that I had to face it, I must say that I did it alone.

That person taught me without telling me directly, the reasons for their behavior, insecurity and having endured a person who taught them that violence is the way they have to educate their children, left its mark. It is so unfortunate that behaviors that have hurt you are learned and then applied, it is a vicious circle that must be broken. With patience and a lot of strength, it was possible to soften this relationship and tell of other wonderful aspects of the personality, however this leaves its marks, but I must say that it is one of the greatest learnings I have had in life.



As if fresh from Pandora's box, the demons enter the human psyche disguising themselves as monsters who wear the colors of fear, intolerance, selfishness and how much low-vibration feeling swirls around men.

Our evil as human beings has to do with what we fear, hate, envy, resent, and also with what unbalances us, with what alters our brain chemistry. And, in this last case, it deserves external help to dominate the monsters that grow inside as parasites that eat away at the mental and emotional health of those who house them as part of an ominous inheritance.



Ni la más aparentemente tranquila persona que conozcas o te cruces en el día, está libre de tener algún tipo de lucha interior. Pues el ser humano se construye sobre sus conflictos y sus contradicciones. El hecho, es que todos tenemos en algún momento un monstruo interno acechándonos, así como también, monstruos externos. ¿A qué llamamos monstruos? Los monstruos son nuestras emociones (tristeza, felicidad, ira, miedo, ansiedad, asco, sorpresa), conflictos y traumas (complejos, culpa) que tenemos, lo que hace ruido y no queremos ver ni escuchar. Son silenciosos pero expresivos, forman parte de nosotros y se asemejan al agua, pues toman la forma que uno les quiere dar.



Well I personally believe that there are more monsters within our own- selves then outside. Whenever I have done that inner work I have seen those monsters disappearing from my life. There are all sorts of people coming across in our lives, some pleasant and some being very tough to manage. Energy, is what I always believe in and talk of. Setting this energy right will get rid of many of these monsters, but yes not always. Some are these forceful ones like the so called Energy Vampires.

To an extent our Mental health does help decide how to tackle with these monsters, but some have such dark energy that they can easily sweep us off.


It is always easy to see defects in people, but they may harm you because it is you who allows this to happen.

Toxic behavior is the product of certain types of environments, beginning with derision and ending by causing people to question their personal motivations by manipulating them.

Your actions and decisions you make may be more negative than you think.

It is possible that there are toxic people in your life and these people may be members of your family, your friends, and your co-workers. So, be sure to set limits in dealing that make them stand up to him and not exceed them. These limits are in a direct form of what you can tolerate and what you will not accept from them.


Hablar de monstruo me ubicó en el contexto social, esto obviamente fue mi primer impacto. En los últimos años también he sido testigo de las monstruosidades de un gobierno que acabó con todo un pueblo, su maldad no ha tenido límites y dar detalles para dejar evidencia sería imposible por lo extenso y delicado del asunto.


The two poster sums up the double attack I have been having since childhood, losing my dad few days to my third birthday destabilized my life no matter how I tried to stay strong. But then I became paranoia about losing my dear mom too, that didn't happen till the very moment I finished college, then mom died, a blow that might keep me unstable maybe for life.

Mentally, it has eaten me inside out, how could my mother, the woman that raised three boys with sweat and blood died without me paying back even a dime out of all the sacrifices she made? Depression set in and I became an alcoholic, a diehard one. Reason being that, I couldn't sleep no more since my mom passed on in her sleep the day I went visiting her upstate. If you have ever longed to see your parents, no matter how grown you are, you would understand what pains and horrors that comes with death. In my case, I had stayed months and years without visiting her from the city where I live, and yet the day i finally visited, we chatted and talked till almost midnight only for her not to wake up no more the following morning.



Due to so many circumstances that sorounds my life I use to somehow create an invisible limitation for myself this is because physically there's already so many factors that limits me individually and one of them is an underlying health condition that seems to always persevere. Truth is, when one is physically sick in the body, the mind creates so many inabilities and even if normally we might want to try out things we can't do, the mind limits and confines one to some certain limitations and to me this is a personal monster that I'm currently dealing with. A monster that feeds on my physical redundancies to carve out a mental inability.


If the relationships are going to demand the highest vibrational energy, therefore we must be in an extraordinary synchrony between our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings and our actions to achieve our connection with the Universe. May peace, love, joy, respect, tolerance, solidarity, empathy, kindness and compassion be the values that accompany us and allow us to share in our homes and even in some places where work relationships must remain due to specific requirements. Calm and tranquility should be our best allies because being in conditions of anxiety and irritability what will generate consequently is the segregation of cortisol, a neurotransmitter that minimizes our immune capacity. Then those who are anxious and irritated in addition to being angry will have the greatest possibility of getting sick because their immunity has diminished.


Sometimes I think I can go to the forest and scream to the wind everything we need to say. I had to call police in some moment but Police is not going to help inside us.

I want to start with the numbers that cures. You put in a picture some numbers that you can find as Gregori Gravoboi Numbers and there is so much more to win than to lose, cause are good intentions for the "enemy" . Also let the words go with the wind trough the music, just this, take a guitar and sing what you have to say, it doesn´t care if you are going to make a good song...just be free. We feel sad domedays, and others so happy , we are a yin yan and must to stay in the middle of the line, but that's life...we are learning every day, breathing ...we must to let the heavy bags on the streets...and run.



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