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It has been so good to see around 20 of us write for this weeks QOTW! We haven't had a spiritual question for a long time, and i wasn't sure how many of us would be interested in spiritual topics. Well you all showed me, and shared so many beautiful posts with incredible personal stories,. and lessons learned. Here with ecoTrain, we always love to read and share with your own personal journey, that is what we are about and what real community is about. Quoting one person or another, or some great literature may be interesting, but nothing compared to reading someone's personal experience. So thank you to everyone who joined in. If you did write then please have a look below at a few of the posts that you find interesting. This is a great chance to meet some new like minded people or someone who may have gone through a similar experience to you. That is always a magical connection!

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My spiritual experience story

Since the last 10 to 12 years that my journey of awareness has begun, there have been ample experiences that I have gone through, but yes there are couple of them which have left a strong impact on my life and have been life changing experiences for me, and I will like to share one of them.

This was 5 years back when I had just moved to Muscat city. I had left Mumbai city where life was at a very fast pace. There was a hefty paying job, a set life, all the possible help needed was just a tip away. And more over I was very confident with my experience and knowledge that I would get a job in Muscat.


In recent weeks I have observed a large number of initiatives on the platform, some very significant, as they allow us to share personal experiences with all users and thus make known the human being behind each writing. In this opportunity the friends of @ecotrain ask a very interesting question concerning a spiritual experience, when I saw it I said to myself I must participate and leave captured an experience that from my point of view I consider to be spiritual, since, I transform my personality. Without more preamble I will begin to describe it, I hope you will accompany me with the reading until the end.


I was born in a Catholic family, I was baptized as such, I went to a Catholic school because that was the tradition of the family, however, I have never been a devout practitioner of that religion, what they constantly repeated to us in school is that God is everywhere, but they forced us to go to church because that is where we find God, something contradictory, right? I made my first communion and then confirmation because these are part of the sacraments that must be fulfilled in Catholicism, and although many of my current friends criticize me, it is something I do not regret because it led me to know one of the most practiced religions in the world.


Mother's love transcends the material, although no expense is spared when it comes to ensuring satisfaction for the children, the support that I offer them, the supportive company that throughout my life I am able to provide my children and grandchildren when their parents are missing. The most obvious thing about mother's love is that over time any value judgment about the behavior or personality of the children or grandchildren is avoided, since the mother's love supports them indistinctly, thus that spirituality begins to manifest , mother's love transcends the experiences that children can give, we are always present and the satisfaction felt with giving, that is where the spiritual experience is, it is discovered that it causes more satisfaction to give than to receive, to give affection, company, gives help presence and enjoys feeling useful to children and grandchildren.

The spirituality that mothers around the world experience when they manifest this unconditional and loving dedication is even one of the secrets of the triumph of our species. Behind a great man or a great woman in most cases it was always a mother who led his first steps.


Experienced change us in many ways. Sometimes in bad ways depends on what we will think the best for it. But it's just on people's understanding because they never knew what you experienced before you became a different person into their eyes. Even so, people will always judge us. Just make sure you're happy with it and there will be no regrets in the future.

Thanks for another life.

How could I forget the time I was in a motorcycle accident? There's no way I could forget it because I almost died. I cried in my dream because of being afraid that I will leave the world at a young age. Who would want to leave early when living in this world is a blessing. We all know that we can't bring our lives back if it will be taken once. That's why if I would be given a chance to decide. I would rather choose to live in this world for long. Doing great memories and leaving good deeds, so that people will still remember me when I'll be gone.


Una experiencia espiritual | A spiritual experience

Desde mi humilde participación dejo claro mi desconocimiento sobre los términos aquí mencionado pero n por eso dejo tampoco de reconocer que trato de aproximarme a diario con ellos. Tengo fe y esperanza en que algún día conseguiré el verdadero significado de espiritualidad y qué se siente ser espiritual.

From my humble participation I make clear my lack of knowledge about the terms mentioned here, but that is not why I stop recognizing that I try to approach them daily. I have faith and hope that one day I will get the true meaning of spirituality and what it feels like to be spiritual.

Ahora bien, puedo compartir una de mis historias cuando intento, afirmo y me confirmo como un ser espiritual.

Now, I can share one of my stories when I try, affirm and confirm myself as a spiritual being.


First of all, I would like to thank the @Ecotrain administration. Who has taken up this excellent challenge. Because this subject changes a person's life. This is the subject that causes the rise of humanity. When a person embarks on a journey of spirituality, his words, deeds, ideas and thoughts move towards love and prosperity for humanity in every aspect.
Spirituality purifies man's heart and motivates deeds for the survival of truth so that man may reach the height of his destiny.

The concept of spirituality is present in every religion. Spirituality is what helps an individual understand religion and the purpose of life. We go through many stages of life and at each stage we have to decide according to our ideas and ideas.
One of these stages is spirituality.
Some people understand. That people associated with spirituality are very religious. But if we separate spirituality and religion, then we will move away from the concept of spirituality.


In human's nomenclature we perceive anything that affects our metaphysical aspect as a spiritual occurrence however this can vary from persons to persons. for a person to understand what spirituality means, they must have personally unravelled a thrilling spectrum that of course seems very unnatural to the human mind, logical to the human sense and totally strange or different from what we perceive and understand as being normal. For a long time in my life I never related any event in my life to spirituality, this might probably be because I wasn't spiritually tapped in, connected somehow or even wired to understand the enigmatic side that comes with spirituality until I started dreaming and started seeing flashes of my dreams occur in real life situation.

Many people do not equate dreams or dreaming to any aspect of spirituality and this is because some others interprets dreaming as more of a scientific phenomenon. However to me this basically wasn't how I personally felt it. It's usually said that dreams can be a fragment of one's life that's being suggested to their subconscious, but I totally feel that this isn't true. The subconscious alone is a separate entity as much as our bodies can be a different entity from the spirit and soul and sometimes it can see into a future which hasn't even formed by showing us events in blur and unclear patterns and in my own personal experience this wasn't normal and hence I termed it a spiritual experience which of course changed how I went on to live my physical life, how I began to accept God and how I change some important decisions about my life.


El mundo espiritual esta enlazado a nuestras vidas, y tarde o temprano en algún momento tendremos un encuentro especial con el, no hace falta pertenecer a una religión específica, o creer en en lo espiritual, simplemente hay un instante de tu vida, o una situación particular que te muestra cuan importante es creer y nunca perder la fe.

Cuando se habla de experiencia espiritual, yo lo relaciono o lo defino como una experiencia que te ha acercado mas a Dios, crecí en un hogar cristiano evangélico, creemos únicamente en Dios, igualmente siento respeto por la religión católica u otro tipo de religión, lo importante es que creamos en Dios.


This week's QOTW by @ecotrain is asking us to share the story of a spiritual experience. Immediately my reaction was to sit this one out, since spiritual experiences are not easy to share. What is deeply meaningful for one person may not be the same for others. Besides, what qualifies as a spiritual experience anyway?

But then I thought... why not? And this time I'm not even going to read any of the other replies posted already, but jump right in, telling the story that I've considered the only spiritual scrape for a long time. (I've had a couple of others later on.) So here it is, I hope you can relate to it a little bit.

Before the Spiritual Experience Comes a Ghost Story

Okay, so there is a precursor of sorts introducing the actual story. I was the summer of 2001 and I living in Tucson, Arizona at that time, in a housing cooperative with a bunch of hippies. One day, when the heat was becoming unbearable, some of us decided to go out into a nearby canyon to visit a waterfall. Note: though this pic is of the Grand Canyon, it was taken around the same time, and is the closest, most appropriate photo I have to illustrate my story with.


OK I am so happy to participate in this weeks ecotrain contest, titled My spiritual experience.
When it comes to spirituality I am so conscious of it, because I am a Christian not just a Christian by name but Christian in deeds. I may not be perfect but I know I am trying to work towards perfection just as my heavenly father is. I am here to share a spiritual experience I had.
Well as a born again Christian I have had several spiritual encounters but I would only share one.
It was a Sunday morning in church, I was not feelings happy at all, I was extremely depressed although I can't place right now what happened that put me in such a mood, and to worsen it I woke up late and so I couldn't meet up the vestry prayers as in workers prayer meant and compulsory for all church workers. Without joining the vestry prayers just know that you aren't joining any department whether as an usher, sanctuary keeper, chorister, elder, deacon, etc that day. Even if you were to play an important or vital role in Church that Sunday just know its not working.
So it was on a day like that, that I fell into the trap and I was not going to be allowed to sing. If you can remember vividly when I wrote about the ecotrain question for last week about music, I made mention that music is life to me, I am music and music is me, so you can now understand and imagine my plight if i don't sing in the choir.


So I am so much happy in participating in this week's eco train contest, titled My spiritual experience. Although, I have seen so many of this community this contest in some of my friend's blog. For some reason, I was not chanced to do the contest with them.

So today, I saw this contest today talking about our spiritual experiences and I decided to share a little of my spiritual experiences with you all.


I have experienced, some very powerful spiritual experiences during my life. Birthing my children is definitely one of those experiences and each of my child's birth's changed my whole life. Opening my eyes to the the lack of awareness about natural birth and the power of our bodies. It led me down a path of self discovery and opened my eyes once again to how we are being manipulated and dis-empowered.

If it were not for my experiences, I would not have trained to be a doula or spend my time promoting positive birth experiences and created mother blessings, all with the intention of helping mothers remember how powerful they are!

You see for me, spirituality is all about connecting with your inner power. That same power which is a part of the divine power, which is found within nature and found within ourselves. When we tap into that power, we can obtain glimpses and feel that connection. How we are all connected, how we are all one. There is no segregation, only emotions that are experienced that cause blockages and lead us to believe that we are not connected at all.


Spirituality as task

When I was a child, what I now understand by spirituality was linked to religious practices. I used to pray every night before going to sleep and every morning upon waking up. Rather than connecting to the prayer, I remember doing it as a very important task that, if I didn't perform, bad tings might happen to me. I remember also being afraid of God, this angry old man who can see you even if you hide, even if you are under the table. What thoughts might I think so that I please him and he does not wreak havoc on me and my loved ones?
Until one day someone shared this image of Jesus in a prayer - what if Jesus were your friend, someone who is always by your side, sharing each experience you have and guiding you gently. I started speaking to this friend, and given my religious education and my understanding of God and Jesus, my relationship with God might have started to shift. Prayer seeped through and it became less of a task.


From a very young age until now I was a little timid type. I was terrified when I remembered many spiritual events. Even my body still shuddered. From a very young age, I was afraid to go to the bathroom alone from time to time. When I was very young, my grandmother, uncle and one brother used to tell different kinds of spiritual stories. Which used to scare me. I had an uncle who used to fish in the river at night. While fishing, he saw a variety of spiritual things. He used to come and tell us these during the day.
Anyway, these are things I have believed in since I was a child. Again since I am a Muslim. And there is a surah in our holy religious book Al-Quran called Jinn. There are clear descriptions of the Jinn race in the Holy Qur'an. However, many scientists cannot accept it because they have not yet found it in any research. But apart from Muslims, there are people of many other religions who believe in these. Jinn are an invisible creature or race. Even in pre-Islamic times, beliefs about the Jinn race existed in other Arabs and nearby areas. The Arabic word jinn literally means something that is hidden, invisible, hidden, or far away.


There is an universe within us called spirituality, which can be externalized, when the measurements of being are harmonized with those of thinking, life can achieve its highest purpose, when it is experienced from within, from that invisible part, beautiful, which makes us more sensitive to the things and deeds of humanity, love.

The human being inherently carries with him the desire to advance, to progress, and to reach higher levels of the hierarchy of growth itself, one must grow spiritually in all areas of life, it is significant to want and desire to succeed in what we do, that is fine, improving the conditions of life is the desire of the one who seeks to live in spirituality.


More spiritual, less religious, and more freer To speak of religion is to speak of a part of human culture, of the submission and guidance of the courageous spirit that has accompanied us since we showed our light to the world, in the face of something superior, regulated by religious dogmas, with external forms of control for something that is internal. Normally, it is associated with one another as a proven equation. However, there is not always a correspondence between religiosity and spirituality, even though a kind of sine qua nonlink has been created between both. To me, religions are cages that trap the free in the human being to keep it in control with man-made notions of Good/Bad, Heaven/Hell, and a ruthless and punishing God who is "attentive" to the actions of beings on earth.


I have lot of faith on religion and upon the almighty creator. I never claim that I am a pious person, but I always try to lead my life with the guideline of my religion. And whenever I feel any problem I try to pray and depend on the solution decided by the almighty. I had some spiritual experiences that relaxed me at some difficult worst situations and released my mental pain.

The important thing that I want to share with all of you that I never play any specific thing to my almighty creator, rather than begging the better solution or better things for me. Because sometime it happens, we think anything better for us, but after some days it is realised that it was not the better solution for us.

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Spiritual experiences are realistic events that is beyond the eye can see that happens in the lives of different people according to their believes and religion. I strongly support @engrsayful in his postulations about different people with different colors, religions and castes in the world. People are different not only from the outside but also from the inside which has to do with the spiritual. As the faces of people are different, so are their desires and off course their experiences according to their desires.

EcoTrain community this week, have carefully and sensitively selected this topic to help us not take for granted the memories about our experiences spiritually. Even though the world is gearing towards a one government system, spiritual experiences will never be one.

Today i will be sharing my spiritual experience with us.


Have a nice day!

I believe that we have a spirit and I experienced an unforgettable one 16 years ago. There was also time back 1983, it was the first time I learned that human has a spirit.

Let us begin my story during the day before the death of my husband. It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I was cleaning the 44 steps stairway of the house. I noticed a brown little butterfly or what we called moth. I wondered how it goes inside the very close building here in Saudi Arabia. The door was always closed. I noticed it following at me when I moved going down. He came to my hand and felt like sipping my blood and never afraid of me. I just let him stay in front of me until I finished.


For @Ecotrain 's question for this week we are asked to

share our spiritual experiences

Join in and find out more here

I've had a vast array of spiritual experiences ranging from a-hah moments in nature to near death experiences from an injury. All were beautiful and profound!

One of the most profound experiences I had in nature (which I had written about before in previous posts but is worth mentioning again) was when I was returning from working at the tree nursery, feeling tired from a long days work, I walked up the hill my house was on and as I reached the opening from the wooded trail I was on to the hilltop I saw the full moon rising above the silhouettes of the tees in the East and the sun setting among the trees in the west.


Of spiritual experiences I could mention many because it must be that I grew up in an environment where mine always had stories about places, life and death, themes of sorcery and religions, perhaps those family stories suggested to me to the point of awakening my perception with Pleasant and not so pleasant experiences between lights and shadows, that when I told them to my family they considered them as children's things and for others they were spiritual things. After so much feeling with amazement and fear, one day as a teenager I told myself I hate seeing and hearing things! I think this very specific statement blocked me and thus stopped perceiving for a while.

With my passage from adolescence to adulthood I have been present in encounter with religions and dogmas receiving from my friends invitations to be part of their lodges, with respect I have looked at them and kept the distance, I believe in light and shadow as part of me with which I try to live in balance from my own decisions without transgressing anyone.


I'm supposed to do something completely different with my time here on Hive at the moment but then I came across this week's QOTW, and since it had to be written by Friday (it's still Friday somewhere 😄) I decided to throw my Spiritual experiences in the mix. The other thing will be done soon too. Sorry @thisismylife 🙃. (Still having issues with my account...)

Messages in dreams

I've had a few dreams in my life that either taught me something, passed on messages about questions I had, or some that kept returning and seemed to have a message but I didn't know what they were at the time. I have such a recurring dream a lot lately. I'm not even getting into this one because it's a dream of which I can only recall the outline, haven't figured out what it means yet, but know it's important. Until I do figure it out, I'll keep it to myself.


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