ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST: What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you?


Thank you to everyone who took part this week! Wow i think we have more responses than i can remember for a long time! I would like to start by apologising for my lack of commenting and engagement this week. The simple reasons is that i have just moved into my off grid yurt and its taken all my time and energy to try to get the basics going! I'll be posting soon on that as i have now got much more settled and even have my own small solar power system working!

It was nice to see to many of us posting about positive addictions. I did wonder which way it would go, but you guys are SO positive i could have guessed there would be so many beautiful addictions that we hold dear.

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My addiction is two-fold. On the one hand, I am addicted to #Hive; on the other hand, I started using my Twitter account because of Hive and am now addicted to Twitter too. Does that make me a Twitive or a Hivter?

Hive used to be a distraction from previous commitments I had early this year, but with the pandemic those commitments were canceled and I was able to become a full-time hiver (with the obvious limitations we have over here: electricity, internet, or money to pay for the latter). Then, the Twitter campaign started and it became almost an obligation to be able to share content on Twitter. I understood it as a necessary step to promote Hive to the masses, bring users and investors, and make the platform prosper.


Addiction comes in many forms good and bad. Bad in the way you can get caught up in substance abuse which thank fully is not the case with myself. I can't remember when last I had a drink and that is genuine.Sometime last year I think as it has never played a big role in my life. I enjoy it so don't get me wrong, but it is not a have to have scenario.

These days I just don't stop and strategise every business move thinking outside the box if needs be.

What I have is an addictive personality though so when I get involved in something it consumes everything I do.My focus will remain on whatever my mind sets itself on and it doesn't let up. I don't think I was always like this as I would be a multi millionaire these days instead of a work in progress.


So it's been a few months since I quit coffee. Been a change in the game and I'm enjoying it. This post isn't about you quitting coffee. And its not saying I'm quitting permanently. I just stopped a few months ago out of the blue moon.

'Why did you quit for bro?' Well first of all, I just wanted to see if I could. For a very long period of time, I used to hear about how long it takes to quit stuff. Whether its coffee, cigarettes, alcohol etc. During undergraduate, one of the cool things to do was hookah. The entire squad would go to a local hookah bar & just smoke from the pipes. At first, this was for joy & socializing. Later on, we sort of became reliant on it.


What are you addicted to?

Eating too much.

It has been a year since I went to the gym center anymore. As a result, I gained 10 kilograms of weight. Especially with the corona case that hit my country, Indonesia, causing going to the gym to make you feel scared. Better to stay at home.

Besides that, my activities, which are mostly in front of my laptop, make posts on hives, create YouTube content and teach at school, make my body less moving. And I started getting addicted to eating more.

How does it hinder you?

Having excess body weight makes it difficult to move and breathe. I now weigh 110 kg. 10 kg heavier than one year ago. Many of my clothes don't fit anymore. I have to take a stance to exercise and avoid overeating.


Well Addictions have a very bad image overall, but not all addictions are bad. Though it is not good to have any type of addiction, but some of them can be really good and uplifting. So why not?

Thankfully I do not have any addiction that is creating harm in any manner, specially any addiction of food or habit. The one strong addiction of mine is Crystals. I just can never get enough of them.

My journey with Crystals began around 10 years back and since then it has become a habit for me to spend some part of my day with them, else I feel something is missing.
Before that I never believed in crystals, but in my travels unknowingly I was picking them up in forms of show pieces or just getting attracted to clusters, or in jewelry form, this is the way my journey started with the Crystals. Today they have become a part of me, I cannot imagine my life without Crystals.


Last week I posted about my coffee addiction and looks like @ecotrain has thought it's a good idea to look into the topic, to see who is addicted to what. Addiction is a serious problem and getting even more serious and the world is not going in the right direction regarding the matter in my opinion.

What Are You Addicted To?

At the moment I don't have any major addiction, some minor problems with food but nothing I can't manage. However, I'd like to share my story with you, about an old addiction of mine, which was smoking.

I'm not a smoker anymore, gave up smoking about ten or so years ago, can't even remember when exactly. The whole thing started after finishing highschool. You know how it is. One cigarette with the coffee, a few more in the evening to look cool while out with friends, nothing serious at the beginning. Then I started to buy cigarettes regularly and smoke every day.


Do you hear about @ecotrain Question of the weeks #19 today. It's about word ADDICTED, everyone can share what addicted mean to you. For the completed post and how to join you can read here. Everyone can still post until Monday 14th September.

Everyone in a relationship, I am sure to be happy together. But when a relationship only presents a feeling of depression on one side of the individual and it repeats many times then it is indeed questionable, what a relationship is built for?


ADDICTIONS? We all have them! To a greater or lesser degree, our brain has been conditioning itself to obtain rewards from where it can obtain them, because, in a world that runs for its life, where change is key to many points, where what is good today, tomorrow is obsolete, it is very easy to be shipwrecked in waters of frustration and stress. It seems to me that the addictive personality has as much to do with our genes as it does with our way of "being": the greater the passion, the deeper the addictions.

In these times, there are more addicts than ever and more sources of addiction because our brain seeks stability and routine practices as incentives not to despair, to feel good, even if it is at the cost of LOSS OF FREEDOM. What at first is seductively attractive to distract us from what overwhelms us, whatever it may be, real or imaginary, later becomes a SLAVERY, source of rewards that sometimes, from so harmful, degenerates into mortal.


Addiction arises from "habitual-ness" or constant indulgence in something. Now this things we've created a habit of getting overly indulgent in can be good or bad but then the repetitiveness makes it attain somewhat of a negative aura and then too much of something whether good or bad can have repercussions, either psychological, medical, or even physiologically. In life sometimes we get sucked into overly doing some things and in the moment we feel good about it. It brings us pleasurable feelings and sometimes these feelings makes us feel real, awake, conscious or even overly confident, sharp and superfluous and who doesn't like being the best version of themselves even if the futuristic consequences might threaten demise.


Addiction is something common to us all.
Thanks to @ecotrain for bringing this important topic to spotlight.

So here's a video that talks about my view on addiction.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak


Addictions can be cataloged by many as something positive since on infinite occasions I have heard people say in an affirmative way "X or Y person is addicted to work. How good that is!" without looking at what kind of consequences in their life this type of attitude can bring. Because if we go to the definition of addiction, we can see that it is "a chronic, recurring disease of the brain" and the truth is that anything that carries the word disease in its definition cannot be positive.


What am I going to write? Who am I writing for?

I have constantly thought about the source of my passion and my passion for writing, about the purpose of mental solace and feeling happy when the tips of my fingers touch the pen, and distracting me to record everything that happens in my chest, regardless of whether they are just words that no one will know, but here and there I do not understand what I mean yet Time to think about it!

All I know is that I woke up one morning to discover in me a decisive desire to form and exhaust my body in the middle of the folds of paper. At that point, I had just tasted another essence of life, another kind of drug and in some cases even pain relievers, soothing the noise of the rest of the world ... from the Gatcheracher ... from the annoying individuals. From exhausting ... from the ugliness of the image and the loss of importance ... from sadness ...


Addiction here does not means, only usage of drugs or alcohol, but in general too. "Anything which makes you depend on it is always bad, that's what I used to hear from my Dad since childhood". Better to avoid such things in life which started to get over us very easily.

Addiction doesnt comes over nite, it is like a slow poison, which slowly get over on us. It comes into pieces and slowly makes our life completelly relied on them. Be it, food addiction, Drugs, Movie, Blogging or be anything.

I remember, once I develop a great craze for Haldiram Bhujia. A traditional Indian snacks quite spicy in taste.

It was around 10 years ago, that I could not satisfy my hunger unless I have the namkeen after every meal, breakfast/lunch/dinner i just need it everytime. My addiction to it develops so much that, I used to consume 500Grams of it in week alone. I kept in my table, my office, my kitchen, it becomes a part of my life. Too much of something is always dangerous,and even knowing about it, I made myself dependent on it. Not sure how, but it was irresistible to get over such eating addiction.


When we are clear about our focal point in life and take that as a reference to make the best of ourselves, it is possible to move away and keep our distance from a number of elements, habits and addictions; falling into the "bad" is easy, standing up is crucial, but staying upright is fundamental to fully enjoying physical and mental health.


What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you?

I was addicted to my phone before, I take it everywhere, even in the bathroom. My eyes glued into the screen most of the day, especially my early beginnings in Steemit. It’s hard to put it down, I was craving it like a food. I missed a lot of things that I needed to do like cooking, house chores and playing with my child. I sleep really late, browsing Steemit and wasting time in facebook or watching youtube videos.


Many times we often confuse the word addiction with the word bad habit , in general we do not like the word addiction because we normally associate it with people who have problems with drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. It is important to know that there are multiple types of addictions and learning to recognize that we have created addiction to something could be an advantage over this.

Nowadays, I recognize that I am addicted to coffee, the first thing I do when I wake up, even before brushing my teeth is to have a cup of black coffee, start my day without this cup of coffee, I can't even think about it, in the middle of the morning Another coffee to continue with the activities of the home, after having lunch a compulsory coffee, (according to the information that I have sent to my brain) is to help digestion, and in the afternoon for a snack I can not miss my black coffee. It all started about 4 years ago when I worked regular hours, the hours were from 8 am to 5 pm, I had to have lunch at the office, the truth was very exhausting and stressful, I did not like black coffee very much, in fact, I preferred to take tea bags to the office and prepare it, so as not to drink coffee,



Like last week's question topic, this week also has a very nice topic scheduled. Last week's topic was very interesting and up-to-date contemporary topic. Also, this week's question is timely. Every human being is addicted to something or other and it has some positive and negative aspects. And this is why I say that this topic is very important and timely where everyone can participate. Every human being will be able to describe these things well about himself. So, this week's topic also seemed very interesting to me to understand and know who is addicted to what. Today I will describe some of my personal addictions and what are the advantages and disadvantages (help or hinder) of it.


Since I was a child my mother taught us to drink coffee very early in the morning, it was a ritual that was fulfilled every day, she of course was not aware of the addictive power of that tasty bitter liquid. Getting up and drinking coffee were two activities that were done almost simultaneously.

This is how I grew up, always accompanied by my morning cup of coffee. When I was twelve years old, I had to go and live at an aunt's house. She was not used to drinking coffee in the morning, so I had to go to the high school where I studied without my daily ration of caffeine. Soon I began to feel the effects of abstinence, spending almost every morning with severe headaches and nausea. The worst part was that I had no idea what was causing this discomfort. So I spent about four months and finally the symptoms disappeared.


There are many conditions inside the human heart. Which enlighten man with different feelings in different situations.
In this way our being, heart and soul also get peace and pain from different things.
But what gives us comfort and what gives us inner and spiritual peace?
And what are the factors or things that harm us spiritually and physically socially?
It varies from person to person.
Not necessarily if a feeling hurting me is the same thing that makes you uneasy because these things are different in every person.

In the same way, every human being is accustomed and addicted to different things. If he doesn't get that thing, he can't find peace. This addiction can be good or bad.

Addiction to anything. It blows the mind and addiction is very different in human life.
But I have also seen addiction change a person's life and have seen many lives destroyed because of this addiction.
But the story of my addiction is different and based on reality.
And I'm glad that today I'm going to tell you all the facts about my life addiction through @ecotrain


Hello, good morning!

Once again, I would like to say thank you @ecotrain for giving us question to answer every week. Sometimes, I wasn't able to counterpart but now I will not allow this topic to pass by without my entry.

What addicted me?

I could not resist myself, from my latest addiction in taking care of the cats at home. My days would not be the same without visting them 3 times a day.

Its me and Whitey, the mighty cat of me.

Long before since 2007, I had been in love and addicted with the cats. When we moved to this house, I moved the all white cats to the farm belings to my employer's friend. I just visited them sometimes until one day, the caretaker was poisoning the rats not knowing that I affected the cats. Thank God, I save Whitey but his family was gone. Whitey survived since he was too small and just drinking milk from his mother. Maybe he was just eating a little bit. I bought him ar home last October 2019.


Hi, this is my entry to the question of the week proposed by @ecoTrain The Week #19: What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you?

Addictions are part of our lives and I think we all have at least a couple of them. I don't think there are any good or bad addictions. They are addictions, period.

In my case, I confess that I'm addicted to coffee, in fact I consider myself a #coffeelover and to be honest I don't think it will stop me.

I can't think of my life without coffee. When I don't drink it I become unbearable, anxious. My body starts to feel the lack of caffeine with headaches.

That feeling is an obstacle when I do my homework, because I cannot think of anything else but drinking coffee.


When we consume a food that is delicious to us, when we do something that causes us great satisfaction for example; win a bet, win money in the game this is also capable of generating addictions not to mention substances that contain alkaloids that are capable of producing dependence such as nicotine from tobacco, caffeine from coffee, cocaine and even drugs called psychotropics can also cause addiction.

If what we eat or do gives us satisfaction and pleasure, it can also generate addiction, this occurs because when carrying out a pleasant activity or satisfaction areas of pleasure are satisfactory in the brain and an endorphin called enkephalin is released, These substances produce such a sensation that the body is left wanting to experience it again and again.




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