ecoTrain Question Of The Week #27 TIE UP POST!: In what ways can blockchain and cryptocurrency help the people of this world?


Just as the Internet changed the world around the year 2000, blockchain is about to do the same, and more in 2021. It's fair to say that 2021 will be the birth of cryptocurrency in the mainstream and for high profile investors. Many of those who invest do so because there is money to be made. Many do not really even understand or realise the implication of many of our cryptocurrencies. As most of us on Hive must know, it can be about more than just having a wallet!

So this week you have all posted SO many great reasons and ways in which blockchain can really help us and this world. The list is of course endless, and the many ways that blockchain can save us are mostly yet to be realised. Hive is one of my personal favourites for many reasons, not least the fact that I feel safe here, understood and in good company.. We get it, and we are the very early adopters...leading the way to demonstrate alternatives to the centralised systems that are crippling our entire planet.

Id like to share a few reasons that I have picked from your posts. They are a nice quick way to get an idea of the kinds of things we are thinking about. If you have an idea that you don’t see here then please share it in the comments!


It's going to replace the fixed currency


Levelling the playing field.

Creating wealth, while helping others.

a refuge in platforms like hive, where content creators are valued

blockchain can become a very important tool in the agricultural sector, since it can generate a kind of shelter where the farmer can file and consult data concerning production, yield, crop management, prices of items, training, among other features,

Blockchain supports a global economy where everyone can join and have equal opportunities

Blockchain and the exchange of authorized data information will lead to a more responsive, efficient and safer medical data management, and integrated and responsive tracking of medicines and medical devices.

Blockchain eases the manual process of document creation and management activities and ensures the legal industry's accessibility, transparency, cost savings, speed, efficiency and data integrity.

Bitcoin has made money transfers easier

Transacting through blockchain will save us time as well as we will not have to pay extra fees.



Full Control Of Your Money

Empowering people

Financial Independence


THANK you to everyone who posted, and for our wonderful curators and initiatives like @OCD's community incubation project. SOme of these posts got amazing upvotes, so good to see! Please check out all the responses below, and as always follow the people you like to discover more great content on Hive.



Throughout history, human beings have devised a civilized way to acquire what they need, an example was the barter, a way of exchanging products between interested parties, giving and giving, a transaction from person to person, then the coins and bills were born, which are still used today; however the human vision transcends the significant limits of the moment, there is always someone who can think of something better than the previous, and that is wonderful, blessed are all those people who with their intellectual capacities try to contribute something for the benefit of humanity, such is the case of the Cryptocurrency.


Dear readers, in this opportunity I join again the question of the week from @ecotrain, always with interesting questions that allow us to share our point of view on various topics of common interest. Next, I will point out how, according to my point of view, blockchain and cyptocurrency influence my life and that of some people and fellow teachers in my country Venezuela.

I can begin by pointing out that I am relatively new to the use of blockchain and cyptocurrency, I have been sharing articles related to agricultural sciences for approximately 3 years at steemit and now at Hive, I found it very difficult to integrate myself into this world of cyptocurrency, because I was very skeptical and thought that it was impossible that a platform existed that could generate tangible income for me with this type of digital currency through my publications.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency || Revolution Technology in Various Sectors

It has been more than 2 years that I have known about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency since I first joined Steemit in April 2018, continued to Hive in 2020. A very valuable thing for me personally is how Blockchain and cryptocurrency provide space for everyone to freedom. Security, data transparency, speed, lower cost and reliability are the fundamentals of this technology. Blockchain is set to transform many traditional systems, with currency being one of the first. Cryptocurrency also indirectly provides financial freedom and empowers everyone. Everyone know the real Blockchain like Hive, how Hive Empowering everyone here, a freedom, sharing anything about your passion and get your income. Whoever you, does not care about professional background, on hive anyone can achieve financial freedom as well as freedom of expression.


My this post is to take participate in the contest that is held by @ecotrain . theme of contest is Question Of The Week #27: In what ways can blockchain and cyptocurrency help the people of this world?
i am very much thankful to all @ecotrain community that they give us opportunity to talk on this topic. i made video to take participate in this challenge contest. so i shared my thoughts , views, that how blockchain and crypto technology is helping the people of this world. so we need to go to back many years to understand this question , so now world is going to change, and our thoughts and way of life is also changed so this time payment method and purchasing ,shopping style is also going to change.

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This week’s question is really nice. Although I am not very experienced in this regard. Looking at my profile, it is clear that I am new here.Regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency, I am absolutely new. Still learning. The terms cryptocurrency and blockchain are now seen on various websites, starting from social media. However, I am trying to answer like me.

Many people lost their jobs in the current situation. But many of them have worked in blockchains and many have received financial support. Again, many people spend their cryptocurrency and take something they need. I am not fully experienced in this matter. But the last few days I met two people. It lost their jobs. But already working in blockchains, they didn't have much of a problem.

Many countries, as well as many financial institutions, are currently thinking of getting involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchains. So for those who are involved in the blockchain, hopefully their fortunes will change in the near future.



There are many differences between the technology of today and the technology of the past. Even about 20 to 30 years ago we had nothing to say about blockchain. But in the last 20 years we have seen several revolutions in the field of technology. As touchscreen technology has come into our hands, we are enjoying new discoveries in technology. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are, in my opinion, one of the most important of these inventions. As far as I know blockchain is helping and harming people all over the world in various ways. So, in this Question of the Week I will try to say something (three points) about this from my experience and little knowledge.


Good evening dear community! Here I am again participating in the community's Question Of The Week #27 Eco<Train. Here is the link to the Question Of The Week #27 for those who are interested to meet the requirements to be included in the challenge.

Personally, I think that the revolutionary technology of the Blockchain, BTC and Altcoins will be the great protagonists of the finances of the future.

Those of us who are already in this great world of cryptography and were able to save a little on BTC, ETH or some other ALTCOIN that has a serious project behind it. For this it is fundamental that we inform ourselves and that we study to generate our own perspective and point of view.

It is important to understand that to walk this path of success it is vital to be aware that our decisions should not depend only on the opinions of others, but we must study to understand and above all to know how to discern truthful information from that which is disseminated to try to influence our behavior by taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge.


This is only about what I understand about blockchain. You can see most of my posts were not about crypto. I found it hard to tell you the truth. I just learned crypto from steem to hive. My knowledge is just limited that for sure most of you here knows more compared to me. The question seems interesting and I wanted to share my experience and became my belief the great potential of crypto in today's world.


Unlike working in someone's businesses or establishments. Our money in blockchain will be the same. It will just depend on how much you will invest in it. The money you will earn will not be the same as what you've earned yesterday. Working in someone means the salaries will be the same. But in blockchain, it will depend on how much hard work you'll put into it. Maybe it's an advantage when you have more money in your pocket because of how much you will invest. But in the world of crypto, there are many ways how to earn more. There are games, platforms like ours, etc. You can still earn by just investing the effort.


Since we've had the glimpse of the new age, which is blockchain and cryptocurrency right in our palms right now. The best thing to do is guard the future and make sure the next generation profit and makes the best of it.

What many don't know is that blockchain is more than having a fraction of Bitcoin and keeping it for future use. The usefulness of the blockchain far exceeds that. What people aren't telling each other are the many underlying benefits deep inside the blockchain, the miracle of scalability as rapid that the NASA scientist can't comprehend or catch up with. The wall street guys still can't catch up with the revolution of many crypto projects and how they are performing so well. There many evil prediction hasn't come to pass concerning Bitcoin, and it never will.

This post is meant to say more on the many benefit and how cryptocurrency can be of advantage to this World.


Empowering people

During the last summer, when I registered as an entrepreneur again, I also had plans to give some workshops about writing on the blockchain.

Not specifically focussed on how to get rich writing on the blockchains, but more focussed on the endless possibilities that are out there in this world of blockchains and decentralized apps built on them. Many people have no idea that there's something else out "there" than the usual social media channels where you can post things, share them and like them but often are stuck in your own circle of people that read it.

Although I wasn't too active writing here during the period that this idea came to mind, I did see the possibilities that HIVE brought me and it was only because of my other job that I didn't focus on this immediately. I had the plans to roll out this idea around October/November, not taking into consideration that there might be a second wave (wishful thinking haha). So slowly this idea faded to the background again. I will probably proceed with it but then in another form: online or wait until next spring when I expect things to be calmer regarding restrictions.


For me personally this whole space holds a lot of value. I never imagined something like this ever popping up. Though it all began way back in 2009, I had no clue of it and it all got introduced to me somewhere in 2014. Since then it has grown over me.
One thing very prominently I have experienced in this space is experiencing Freedom,
and I believe this is the voice of many who are in this space.

Financial Independance

On this platform in the past 3 years itself I have seen so many people build up their lives around Crypto, have their daily needs be met without any dependency on others.
The world of Crypto will surely help people become financially independent. I also have experiences this myself, when I was jobless, I started with Hive (Steem) and started building my financial base on it. In the times when most of the people are losing jobs, the blockchain technology is one mode where one can turn to and have their income generated from it.
Cryptocurrency at this stage has lot of volatility so one needs to be careful while trying to make money out of it, but in general the investment has given very good returns. If one is patient and has a long term vision, definitely can make fortunes from here.


The million dollar question! Yes, yes, yes ... it is a yes multiplied by 1000 to infinity ... It is that the world has taken an overwhelming turn when cryptocurrencies are concerned, this parallel world that many human beings still do not know has currently become for a multitude in many things, the main ones:

1- Learning.
2- Entrepreneurship.
3- Family support.


Yes! These three things, dreams and all the positive things we need, we visualize and plan, many times external factors beyond our control generate changes that modify reality, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why Learning?

Knowing this wide world of the blockchain is something new for everyone from the day we heard that word ... we are all left in question and there begins the journey of acquiring new knowledge, what are cryptocurrencies? How can I get them? It is real? How do I change them to my local currency? Are electronic transactions secure? … Among many other things and we began to tremble but little by little growing until we took firm and strong steps.


itcoin and cryptocurrencies are a hot topic again, as the most important coin of them all is moving upwards again towards its legendary all-time-high, pulling many altcoins with it. So it's quite appropriate to discuss the future of cryptos and blockchain, just as @ecotrain is prompting in this week's QOTW: How could blockchain tech help the people of this world?

Granted, I'm no tech geek, by any means, so my limited understanding of blockchain technology may not be 100% accurate. Still, I believe that the financial aspect of this amazing technology is just the tip of the iceberg, and the bits and pieces of info I keep hearing and reading about suggest that I may be right. So let me present some of my views on how blockchain technology could (and probably will) be utilized to make this world a better place.


In what ways can blockchain and cryptocurrency help the people of this world?

GREAT question. I am not sure if I am qualified to answer that question, I am no expert but the last few years I have had a very good tutor. @ryan313.

The first thing that came to mind when I read the question:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, altcoins and community. All spell one thing to me, freedom from government control, freedom from the grip of corporate America, freedom from greed and freedom from control of big banks.

I want control of my own future. Financial freedom is the key to being content , secure and happy. The current system is failing for the masses, only the 1% in the USA have benefitted from the system that rules our financial future, AND that of our children and grand children. That small 1% just keep getting richer because they have the power to control all the systems that work for them, NOT the bee workers that keep breaking their backs just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Blockchain technology is the promise of freedom from all that is unequal in our current system. My business is MY business. Just the way I like it.
Big brother go home.


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